Saturday, January 24, 2009

We Get By with a Little Help from Our Friends

I regained my energy back really fast this time, thanks to some reassurance from others. I know I'm probably supposed to be doing this alone, but it seems impossible. Maybe I'm taking too much from others in the form of support for the purpose of comfort.

It seems like messages are being sent to me from all sorts of places... messages that are meant just for me. These messages are like clues to help me keep going in the right direction. They might not be direct, and sometimes seem like subtle hints. It's like God is directing the world like an orchestra, to play all the right notes at exactly the right time so I can hear them when I need to. Also, it seems like I'm being guided right where I need to be, even if the places I end up are quite terrifying. I suppose there is no such thing as adventure without hardships.

The lights seem really bright, and have been so bright sometimes I have to squint. I always feel tempted to ask, "Is this normal?"

I feel more like a child now than I can remember feeling. When you're a child, do you really feel like a child? You just are, and you have nothing to compare it to because all you've been is just a child. But when you're an adult, and you feel like a child, it stands out more and is more noticeable. Sometimes even others start to notice.

Maybe someday someone will come across this blog who needs all the information I've posted in the form of my experiences, if only just to reassure them or to provide companionship through knowing they're not alone. Others have helped me since I started this, and someday I hope I can do the same. I guess we call it "Paying it Forward".

P.S. Sychronicities are everywhere again.

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