Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Synchronicity Journal March 28, 2006

Just now I had two incidences hit me right away, and they hit me hard! Allow me to explain....

Last night I received an email from my friend "D.". He sent me a picture of the Aurora Borealis. This very moment I'm having an email conversation with my friend "K." He said he would be going to Hawaii this year for his honeymoon.

Here's the nice little bit of synchronicity: Just a few moments ago I went to a spiritual forum and saw a post made by a person called "Aurora Borealis", and the subject of his post was "Hawaiian Rules".

Homosexual Primeval Man?

I have received two philosophical questions from a man named "K.". We thought we'd post them here and see what your reaction and/or response might be to the questions.

"What if Adam or Eve had been gay? How did God engineer it so they were not?"

Think on it and give it a shot. :)

Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Message is Clear

Tonight, I was doing my weekly Technorati search for blog postings that contained the word "enlightenment". Ninety-five percent of the time I land on blogs that make no reference whatsoever to enlightenment of the spiritual type. Tonight, however, not only did I land on enlightenment of the spiritual type, I landed in a spiritual gold mine.

A message, "channeled" into the mind of a young 29 year-old man in the "Land of Consciousness", made its way to the public in the form of a blog posting. Whether or not you believe in channeling, this message is truly of important quality. It speaks of what I've been feeling all along and I strongly want to share it with others. In fact, not only will I be posting a link on this blog, I plan on eMailing a few others who are not regular readers of my blog but through some point in my life have made a spiritual connection with me.

While I am not entirely sure of the importance the year 2012 has, as I've never ran across mentioning of that year in specific, the rest of the message in general is on-topic to what I've wished for the world for a long time.

I hope you will take a moment and read this message. I also hope it touches you as it has touched me! The link is right below this paragraph.


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Hypothetical Government

J has probably noticed my lack of new topics lately, and so I think he is rescuing me and my blog as he has emailed me a wonderful new topic to introduce to the blog. Maybe this is what I should start doing - allowing my readers to come-up with topics for others to join in discussion. This way my blog won't die completely, but instead would allow it to be rejuvinated!

Here is a new topic that I'm anxious to get some ideas/opinions on. This topic was brought-up by J-

I challenge everyone to think up the next form of 'government' by which to have a social and equitable peace, with room for those who wish to 'seek god'. Prompting this challenge is the fact that all governments in existence today are pretty old and wearing out, not satisfying the needs of 'all' humanity. (this is not a criticism of our gov't). Perhaps some 'lay-thinking' on the subject can come up with some new approaches, and who better to try than 'spiritual seekers'?

Wednesday, February 8, 2006

What is the Most Valuable Thing in Life?

J (I'll call him "J" for now until I get his permission to call him by his first name on the blog... for privacy reasons...) asked me today what was the most valuable thing is in this life (besides making a living in order to eat). So, I'd like to ask everyone here the same question. What is the most valuable thing in life?

Friday, February 3, 2006

Water Messages

Water is the gift of life.
When I watched the movie "What the Bleep Do We Know?", there was a part where the woman went down in the subway. There was a lady talking by some signs. On the signs were different pictures of water crystals. Some of the pictured crystals were beautifully shaped, others were very ugly. The lady said that some Buddhist monks had meditated on the water using different sayings, like "I love you," or "I hate you," etc. The water that had been meditated on with good sayings had the beautifully shaped crystals, and the water with the bad sayings had the ugly crystals. We might want to think about how what we think affects the world. Thoughts are powerful things!