Thursday, August 30, 2007


From the vessel of his heart, he pours his love,
Into the chambers of her soul, filling her.
And this love overflows, so that she may
Share with the rest of the world.
Every day his love tenderly showers her, drenching her,
Until the time comes that he is completely within her.
At that moment, they will merge into the one
They were meant to be from the beginning.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Synchronicity Journal August 29, 2007

This morning, I was sending an email to my boss. After I sent it, a message was waiting for me in my inbox. It was a message from my boss, asking me a question. The email I sent him was an answer to that question. Our emails crossed paths, his a question, mine an answer, and neither of us had planned it.

This afternoon, I was reading Leighton's Cookie blog. His first post was about an American Soprano named Claron McFadden. I was typing out a comment to that post, and when speaking about Claron, I accidentally typed "Clare". I realized my mistake before posting the comment, so I fixed it. After posting the comment, I scrolled down the page a bit to his previous blog posting. In that post, he tells us that he was born on the same day as St. Clare of Assisi.

Update: I was reading Goatman's blog when he posted a comment on mine. More good timing!

Second Attempt

Unfastened from the branch,
That had once clutched me at my feet,
Falling, falling, landing,
On a gust of wind.
All my life I had been green,
But now I am proudly brown.
Brown comes from experience.
It's like being withered with age.
With age comes wisdom.
Now I have the ability to fly,
To go anywhere the breeze takes me.
In time I will land on the ground,
And as moments pass, days, weeks,
I will melt into the soil,
Becoming one again with the earth.
And in my place a new growth will appear,
Perhaps another tree, on which
Many more of my kind will sprout.

(Methinks I should stick to haiku!)

Dream Date August 29, 2007

I am walking by the edge of a wooded area. Up ahead, in the green of the other trees, is a cluster of white-leaved trees. I approach the area with the white trees, and enter the forest at this point. I encounter a group of people, who are mining for opals. Everyone is walking around, trying to find them. I look beneath my feet, and see on the ground some stones of pink and blue. I dig them out of the dirt, and place as many as I can into both pockets of a red jacket that I am wearing.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I can see inside of you.
I see through your skin.
Your elephant skin
Hides the tender flower,
A rare orchid.
I prune it,
But its leaves dry,
Turning brown, brown.
The once gentle flower
That swayed in the breeze,
Has decayed in the dirt.
But I saved a petal,
For posterity's sake.

(This is why I DON'T write poetry. I think the teenagers would say I "suck".)

Image copyright by S.W. (That's me!)

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Synchronicity Lately

Last weekend I went to see my mother. I was wearing a t-shirt that had Mt. Rushmore on it. When I got to Mom's house, she was wearing a t-shirt that had Mt. Rushmore on it.

Not too long ago, I was exploring the website of a spiritual teacher named Tathagata. A week or so later, a young man posted a comment on my old blog, directing me to Tathagata.

A little over a month ago, I was exploring the website of a spiritual teacher named Dave Oshana. As I was reading the web site, someone sent me an email to my old blog's email address to tell me I should visit Dave Oshana's web site. This particular synchronicity was intense for me, because I rarely update my old blog, and I also rarely check my old blog's email address. But that day I had the email account open, and another window was open in which I was exploring Master Oshana's website. I saw that an email had just arrived as I was reading it. Lo and behold someone was directing me to the very website that I was in the middle of reading!

Yesterday I sent an email to my stepmother, telling her about a blog I found that talks about wild parrots in New York. She told me that I'd "never believe it", but she was in the middle of watching a video online about wild parrots in New York when my email arrived on her end.

Today, we were talking about a friend of ours as we were sitting outside on the deck. When we came into the house, the phone rang. It was our friend.

Friday, August 24, 2007

I Remember

This was me when I was at my best. I guess we can call that the "prime years". I'd like to find her again. (I'm the girl on the left.)

Microphone Check

Is there anybody in there?
Just nod if you can hear me.
Is there anyone home?

~Pink Floyd

Hot Days of Summer

Temperatures have been reaching over 100 degrees where I live. Even the dogs don't want to be outside for long. I have spent most of my summer days indoors, however, thankfully in early August I started swimming in our pool. Since that first day, I've been swimming almost every day. Last year I didn't get in the pool twice, and maybe not even once, but I can't remember. This year I bought some toys to make pool time more enjoyable. One is called a "toypedo". It's this hard little torpedo shaped toy that quickly glides through the water. It's fun to shoot back and forth to a pool partner. The other is a king cool lounge that floats around on top of the water. This is great for those lazy moments. I really don't like to be so lazy in a pool, so I spend time swimming around, going underwater and watching the sun rays dance on the bottom. If I float on top of the water while looking down, the moving sun rays make me feel as though I'm having an out-of-body experience.

This image on the left shows the "toypedo". Ours is the one on the bottom.

This is where I spend a LOT of time. It gets me out of the house. Otherwise I'd be on the computer all day, feeding my Internet addiction.

Below is a stock photo of the King Cool Lounge. No, the model is not me.


Lately I just can't think of anything to write about. It's possibly just a phase. I'm sure it's something like writers' block?

So, do any of you have any ideas on things I could write about? I won't guarantee that I'll write about your idea, but then again, I might.

Please don't ask me to write about current events, especially political current events, because I don't keep up with them, unless it's odd science news.

It's late Thursday night or early Friday morning and I'm wide awake with a cold just beginning to settle in. So, I'll probably be in the house most of this weekend, being inactive and sitting on the computer. Wait a second... how is that different from any other time? :) I don't know!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


This is one of several hummingbird friends that have been stopping by for a visit at our feeders. Sometimes, if I listen closely enough, I can hear the beating and buzzing sounds the wings make as they quickly flap through the air. Their graceful little beaks and tiny little bodies make me think of ballerinas with wings.

Hopefully tomorrow I can photograph the sneaky squirrels that come to steal food from the seed feeders (even though they have their own feeder!).

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sophia's Koans

It will come in its time, and not before, or after, you're ready.

Patience is a virtue God gave us so that we wouldn't turn the world to chaos while waiting in line for a venti mocha.

Pain is a gift, so that we may know pleasure.

Sadness is a gift, too, so that we may know happiness.

When I looked in the mirror, I saw myself through my eyes looking back at myself. I also felt you looking at me. It was like someone was watching me.

Everything includes Nothing.

I am being myself, but I am also being you.

Once, I saw spiders made of shadows crawling up the wall.

When it rains cats and dogs, there are pawprints on my car's hood.

When you walked with me on the beach, I only saw one set of footprints.

One year I planted a tree. The next, I went back and found only a seed.

Now is yesterday's tomorrow and tomorrow's yesterday.

Now is all we have, even though I'd like to see you again tomorrow.

Last night I was dreaming and thought I was awake. Now I am awake but thinking I am dreaming.

I may not know you, but we have a lot in common... a lot.

Loneliness is standing in a crowd but still feeling all alone.

Unity divided is division.

Division united is unity.

One word can paint thousands of pictures. That word is Love.

My dog looked in the mirror and thought he was God.

Here's a fact of life: There are more cells than there are bodies.

My computer bytes.

Just one exception, I am exceptional.

When I breathe I wish that one molecule of air was once in your lungs.

My frame-of-mind has a Salvador Dali in it.

Lights don't repel the darkness. Enlightenment does.

When you bump into your soul mate, it's not love at first sight. You've always been together.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Who is Yours?

Tonight, I rode on the wings of a dove.

Do you know who your soulmate is?

Who is it that kisses and hugs your soul?

Who is it in your physical life that is your soul mate? Or, if the two of you can't be together because of distance or even time, who is it, that, even though they can't be there with you in the physical realm, they're laying right next to your soul saying, "Good morning"?

On this one, feel free to remain anonymous if it makes you more comfortable.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Lately I've been feeling disconnected. I want that high I had in February to return. I was experiencing so many synchronicities. To me, those are valid spiritual experiences. Now I feel like I'm aching for them. Don't get me wrong, I've had a few synchronicity experiences since February, but they're not raining on me like a storm. I want the storm. I want more spiritual experiences so that I can be reminded of who I am, and so that I can find comfort. I find myself questioning the validity of my experiences: Were they real? Was it just my imagination? I want them to be real and I don't want it to just be my imagination. I hope that soon, the magic that I saw and felt will return back into my life, so that I can continue to know that there is something special about life.

I'm frustrated with myself right now, because I feel that my spiritual progression has slowed. I almost think that I'm right back where I started. Do any of you ever feel like you're going backwards? Maybe that's the way it's supposed to be. Maybe I'm supposed to be reminded of my mundane roots so that I won't take my spiritual flowering for granted.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


I am involved in my life's journey, trying to make improvements where I need them; at the same time I am searching for meaning and making attempts to further understand the nature of the world, universe, myself and others. In so doing I seek to make deeply emotional connections with other people involved in their own journey.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


As of tonight I am officially caught-up with all comments. Someone deleted one of their comments and if you did so because of the length of time it took me to respond, I apologize. I hope you can forgive me for my slow response time. I will try to do better starting now. I just had a weird month. This journey is a difficult journey, but mostly a pleasant journey. It wouldn't be worth it if everything was given to me.

Thank you all.

Monday, August 6, 2007

More on Projection, Archetypes, God

As the once unconscious projection of her animus onto him becomes conscious, she soon begins to fall out of love.

Just a sad thought I had today.

What about the conflict that arises when one projects not only their animus onto a man, but also the father archetype?

OK, now not only am I obsessed with spirituality, I'm obsessed with Carl G. Jung and his concepts. I'm finding that they explain an AWFUL lot about things I'm interested in: dreams, synchronicities, father complexes, spirituality.

Anyway, someone recently mentioned to me that there is a group in my area called "Friends of Jung". I'm trying to get in touch with someone who can tell me when and where meetings are held. Not only that, but I'm looking for a Jungian analyst in my area. That's a very difficult task, as my Google searches for "Jungian analyst [my city]" are coming up dry.

Since 1999 I've been interested in dreams. I want to incorporate dream work into my self-improvement. I want interpretations. I want explanations. And yes, all the while I'm still looking for God. I'm hoping I don't find out - through my dabbling with Jung - that God is only a figment of my imagination. Or that God is somehow a projection of a part of my very own psyche.

I was so settled on the thought that God is everything and everywhere, that I am only an imaginary being put on earth to experience life, that I am only part of the matrix or illusion of all this false reality. I thought that I was part of One. What if I am only one - not One - and all alone?

But, then comes along new findings on the Internet and I am seeking yet again. Will I ever be firm in my beliefs?

Next up on the agenda: Sophia answers comments and emails, something she's been promising to do for... weeks? Has it really been that long? My excuse is that I'm currently going through a very selfish phase. Well, I have good intentions because when I'm done being selfish I'm going to save the world. I've started with animals first, then I'll move onto people and finally the world. Yes, I do have a strong imagination. Let's just say that I'll go on helping animals, and hopefully someday I can help people. I'm not really so delusional that I think I can save the world. Right now I'm healing myself so that I can heal others. In my therapy a LOT from my past has resurfaced, and I'm trying to deal with it. Boring stuff, that if allowed, I could whine about all day and night.

When all this is done, I'm going to focus on spirituality again. I'm going to go back to devoting 100% of my time to spirituality, and to finding answers to philosophical questions.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

To Simon

Simon, of course I will not disregard everything you have said. On the contrary, everything you said was very sound advice, and I really liked that you took your time to type out a nice long thoughtful comment. Just because you have "problems of [your] own" does not mean the advice you give isn't good advice. I appreciate your thoughts so very much. I have some things to say about them which I will soon get around to responding to them, hopefully later today. I wish your name was clickable so that I could either get to your blog or your email address, but I understand your wish to remain anonymous.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I'm Sorry!

Dear me, it seems I've gone and made a promise I was incapable of keeping. I said I'd respond to comments today after running errands and I never did. I can say that if I had free time I would have but I have found myself in the middle of a very busy day.

I've had some very interesting comments, all of them very helpful and extremely thoughtful. I will not let them go unanswered. I am going to try again tomorrow.

It's Wednesday

I'm feeling a little better today so when I return home from some errands I have to run today, I am going to respond to comments and hopefully emails!