Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Oopses are OK

During the inauguration yesterday, no doubt everyone noticed the big oops that happened as the Chief Justice was guiding President Obama through the inaugural oath.

I could sense the nervousness that this had caused both the President and the Chief Justice, because had it been me up there I'd have been nervous, whether I was the President or the Chief Justice. So I put myself in their shoes to know what they must have been going through. Just being up there in front of the world would make one nervous enough, but to experience a blunder would make us want to crawl under a rock and hide.

For me, this little blooper was a wonderful example to the world that we all make mistakes, and that we shouldn't expect perfection from everyone or even ourselves. Everyone, even our leaders and teachers are human.

I also don't mind that Vice President Biden tried to crack a joke about it. It shows that our leaders can have a sense of humor, and I think our country needs some light-heartedness to lift our spirits up from the darkness and gloom we've been in for such a long time. Kind jokes have wonderful healing powers, to help ease the tension we feel because of mistakes we've made. I know that if others witness me making a mistake, I appreciate a gentle laugh which helps me to relax. This way, I am more motivated to learn from my mistake and grow, instead of wasting time feeling guilty and embarrassed about it.

Try to do the best you can. If you make a mistake, move on. If no one was harmed, it's OK to laugh about it to ease the heart and mind. Also, as you know your own potential to make mistakes, forgive others for theirs.


Don said...


The "oops". Do you mean the UFO you can see hovering in the background?

conanima said...

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Sophia said...

Hi Don,

Even beings from galaxies far far away wanted to watch the event.