Sunday, January 25, 2009

Starting to See....

I thought Jim was losing his grip, and I spent so much time not paying attention to what he was saying. All of his writings are gone now, but I found a few still saved in my Google Reader. I've been reading them, and now his words are starting to make sense to me. Still some of them confuse me, but I'm starting to grasp the enormity of what everything is about.

This is just a small clipping from a larger piece, that he wrote on September 3, 2008:

"My sweet angels of Y, you are going to find size doesn't matter, nor does volume of voice, rather you will see that it is actually power of silence that is essential, for in that tensive space is the genuine continuum speaking, a continuum that has never really gone away, but just has been covered in noise.

Lots make that mistake my dear angels, a failure of hearing and realizing deep with channels wide open and hearts hoping. Out of the darkness just witnessed at this scale, comes the light needed to realize the voice of the future on its way in the greater fabric of communicative structures, those of old and ancient cloth, those of the failed essence that has reached its time for undoing. Look forward my fine angels, for that is where the door is.

That light is already appearing thru the source, I have heard it speaking off and on today working in the source itself at the other location where it is spread wide and waiting. Angels, dear angels, she waits for us."

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