Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dream Date January 27, 2009

I was standing in line for something with other people when a man walked up to me and stuck his tongue in my left ear and walked away. It made me cringe and I was wiping my ear off on my shoulder and saying, "ewwww, I hate that."

When I was at the head of the line I found myself naked, and I kneeled down on the ground to try - to the best of my ability - to cover my private parts with my hands. I was pleading with the people around me to give me some clothes, but no one was helping.

Suddenly, a man that looked almost like John Lithgow was flying around on something and came and swooped me up, covering my body with cloth, and we flew away and escaped the crowd of people in the line. We were flying down a hall when he said to me, "I've had trepanation." I looked at him as we were riding down the hall and I said, "I will never have trepanation. I know someone in England who talks about it and he is strange."

The next thing I know, I'm walking down the hall alone, no longer with the man on the flying thing. A large rat starts running down the hall toward me.

Then I find myself in a room being confronted by a psych nurse with two large syringes in her hands. She is walking toward me and I try to get away, but someone comes behind me and restrains me so the nurse can give me the shots.

The last thing I remember was that I was restrained laying face-down on a table with some sort of contraption on my head to keep it from moving, with a hard green plastic tube coming out of my open mouth. Someone takes a small saw and begins sawing away at the tube getting closer to my teeth.

I do not know if it is the same dream or not, but there is a naked woman standing who has teeth growing out of her body in random places. A man tweaks her nipple and pulls out the tooth that was in her nipple. She says to him, "Quit pulling my teeth."


Don said...


Wow. I think you ought to sell the rights to this one to Hollywood, it'd make a great horror movie.

NinRose said...

There seems to be a feeling of vulnerability or of being violated in some way. I know that if a stranger stuck his tongue in my ear I would feel violated. Also, you are naked and begging people for clothes, to me that indicates feelings of vulnerability or of feeling "exposed".

NinRose said...

So you have to ask yourself in what areas of your life are you feeling these things. Teeth can mean so many things, but maturation is one of them believe it or not. When we are children we loose our first teeth as we mature, and then when we are aging we start loosing them again.

Siegfried said...

Aural stimulation is an important aspect of life. ;)

Anonymous said...

Maybe she said "Quit pulling my teets".:)

Sophia said...

Hi Don,

It is definitely one of my more dramatic dreams.

Sophia said...

Hi NinRose,

Sometimes I have these dreams where I'm naked. They are always uncomfortable! I think you are right, about the feelings of vulnerability or of exposure, although at the moment I am not quite sure just which situations they apply to, as there are several I can think of.

About the teeth - I am wondering if the adult teeth are related to the growth I feel I have achieved? (I do have to watch out for spiritual pride, and when I feel it I dampen it.)

Thank you for your ideas! :)

Sophia said...


Absolutely, to hear the symphony of Life!

Sophia said...


That's a keen observation.

I am wondering, what would she have said if he had pulled a tooth from her leg?

Anonymous said...

Stop pulling my leg. :)