Friday, January 30, 2009

High-Pitched Sound

I've been somewhere that seems different than a dream. I don't think I was asleep, but I wasn't awake, either.

I remember something or someone wanting me to join them.

I was very much afraid.

I kept saying, "I can't, I can't.... not without Jim, I need Jim."

And they kept saying, "Trust, trust...."

When I came-to, I heard a high-pitched noise that continued for a long time. I got up from the bed to try to find the source of the noise when I realized it was in my own head. Even now I hear buzzing.

I wanted to journal this right away before I try to go back to sleep.


NinRose said...

High pitched sounds and buzzing can mean there is a higher energy in your auric field; I'm thinking a spirit guide. The buzzing means the same thing, barring any physical problem of coarse. When I recieved my reiki attunments I got the buzzing and ringing, which I was told was common due to our new openenes to reception. and I've had it during meditations as well. I've gotten that high pitched sound during a meditation before. That confirms what I said before about you functioning on a higher vibration than you are used to. keep in mind that being constantly in a higher vibe can trigger illness since energy is drained from the physical body. Be careful of this, and don't forget to nuture your physical body. By the way, how are your eyes?

Mark said...

Very interesting! Keep listening and trust ...

Mossy said...

Don't be afraid and don't confuse this occult stuff with spirituality. Increased consciousness is the only spiritual goal. Consciousness means awareness of your existance and your ordinary surroundings. The occult is just another distraction from this.

Besides you will probably develop "abilities" much faster by increasing your consciousness than by focusing your attention on them.

Sophia said...

Hi NinRose,

In order to better describe the sound, it sounded like the whistle of a teapot.

I'm actually excited about the possibility of my energy field changing to a higher vibration. It is very easy to neglect the body, though, because I'm so focused on this. I guess if I don't take care of it, I might not have a vehicle to make progress with.

You seem very knowledgeable on these topics and I'm glad I have your input on them.

The lights are still bright, but thankfully not as painfully so as before. Thanks for asking.

Have a good weekend!

Sophia said...

Thanks, Mark. Good to see you!

Sophia said...

Hi Mossy,

What does "ordinary" mean? Our existence, I think, is actually quite extraordinary!

You are right - focusing on "abilities" can be a distraction. But I don't know if these are abilities or just a new level of awareness.

Edgar Cayce - now those are abilities, and Nostradamus, too!