Friday, January 30, 2009

Recent Adventures

Due to loss of electricity, I've been without Internet access for a couple days. I've posted some pictures of our ice storm on my photo blog -

Also, I've made some big changes to the new blog I started. Like I said, it's less about me. This "Visions" blog is the blog of an Ego gone wild. The new blog, however, the "Spiritual University" blog, is dedicated to you and others who would like some inspiration and wisdom -

Last, but certainly not least... During the quiet of the power-outage, I grabbed my Ouija board off a high shelf and dusted off the box. I had never really been motivated to use it alone, because since the early 1990s I have tried a number of times - unsuccessfully - to get any results. The only time I've received answers from the board was during a couple camping trips with a friend. This time, I thought to myself that I'd like to try it again since I believe I've made some spiritual progress and have what you might call some new spiritual "knowledge" that could help me receive answers. I was alone with some candles in my computer room, and sat with the board for about ten minutes, about ready to give up because nothing was happening. I had asked the board, "What should I do now to make more spiritual progress?" Right before giving up, the planchette slowly began to move. It spelled one simple word, but the word is quite significant actually, as I've been having some fears about certain relationships between myself and others, as well as "others" in the spiritual realm. The word that was spelled was, "T-R-U-S-T".

Just trust.

Thank you for the guidance. I will try my best.

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