Monday, April 2, 2007

Two More Felines

My little "fuzzy bear" with a good book.
(An older picture. 2000?)

Fuzzy bear again, 2006.
She is another of my guardian angels.
I call her my angel because she fell out of the heavens into my arms.
(In real life, she was a stray who jumped out of a tree into my arms the first day I saw her.)

Me and Peeps, 2005

Now all of the feline variety of my guardian angels have been displayed on my blog. Soon, I'll introduce you to the queen of the house, our dog.

Slowly, little by little, I'll show you more of my world.


Brian said...

They're cute...I love cats I have always had at least one since the day I was born.

They're so much more than just a pet, they really become a close friend.

Sophia said...

Thank you! I think they're cute, too. :)

There's just something special about cats. I hear everyone talk about how indepedent they are, but my cats are very social creatures who love to be held and loved. They love kisses, too. They each have their own little personality, sort of like little people.

Give your cats a big hug for me.

Mark said...

Very nice pictures. Thanks for sharing!

Sophia said...

Hi Mark, and thanks for viewing! :)

Chris said...
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Sophia said...

Hi Chris, Love is a very living thing that surpasses even death. I feel assured that even after my fur-friends depart, I will still feel their presence.

I've only lost two pets in my life, one a cocker spaniel who died just two days before my 21st birthday, and my hamster named "Miss Piggy". Before that, I was too young to remember any of my pets that I've lost, but these two have stuck with me. Yes, even a hamster. Some years I still put up her Christmas stocking.

Brian said...

Cats are definitely friendly animals! Even though mine are often sleeping, they will make sure to do so near somebody.

One will run into the bathroom in the morning to drink the water from the shower and get wet. If the door is closed she'll push and squeeze her way in even.

I love cats :)