Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The Complete Dream Journal

I have compiled all of my recorded dreams into one dream journal. I began writing down dreams in 1999. I didn't write down all of them in the beginning, like I do now. I'll still post new dreams to this blog, but if you're interested in reading all the dreams I've ever written down, visit my dream journal at Just a note, though, that some of these dreams are very personal, and you can see how much I've grown over the years. If you're offended by cusswords, sex or anything else, don't read it. I know I'm being very open, but I thought it was interesting to work on this project so that I could see how much I've grown since 1999.

I may be missing a dream here or there. When I find them and post them, I'll let you know here.

Feel free to comment on any dream.


Rob said...

I heard of a songwriter who used his dream journal as inspiration for his songs.
I started to keep a journal but let it slip. It was quite an interesting experience as patterns emerged.....I was quite shocked by some of it!

Sophia said...

I'm rather shocked by some of my dreams, too. Some of them are just depraved, and quite obviously from a confused girl, who is now proudly a woman.

Someone once wrote a song based on one of my dreams. Not anyone famous or anything.