Monday, April 2, 2007

Meditation Vision

While meditating last night I had a vision of a yellow horse.

I mention this because one of the fluids in the cups from last night's dream was yellow.

I type "yellow horse" in Google and find this:

He is a peace elder named Grandfather Yellow Horse Man.

As with other visions I've had in the past, I will probably email him just to tell him that my vision led me to him. The last time a vision led to a contact, I envisioned the letters I M U N U R I. Those letters led me to a man on a spirituality web site who had those letters as his email address. I contacted him, and luckily he was a spiritual man who understood where I was coming from. I just think that people might like to know that the Universe led me to them in this mysterious way.


Rob said...

It is fascinating how life works and people are put in touch with one another.
I was thinking about my next door neighbours today and wondering if they were put next to me to teach me a particular lesson. I would not be at all surprised if this were the case.

Sophia said...

I used to wonder why some people were in my path, then it later began to seem as though they were put in my path, like our meeting had a purpose. Sometimes I meet people and it seems like I know them on a very deep level. These relationships sometimes go beyond the superficiality of mere acquaintances. It is like they are a soul friend, and that we've known each other all along.

Heh, I get the impression that your next door neighbors test your patience? Desiree was just talking about one of her neighbors today on her blog "Let's Change the World".

Luckily for me I am comfortable with all the neighbors on the left and right side of me. The rest of them I don't know.

Lucid said...

I agree with you on your comment Sophia. People are placed in our lives at certain times, for all kinds of reasons. I actually wrote a little something along the same lines. If you are interested in reading....
Have a nice day!

Sophia said...

Thanks, Lucid! I just read your post, and I must tell you that it gave me chills! My chills are my own personal truth radar. When something resonates true with my soul, I get chills, so I know what you say to be true through my own personal experience.

Mark said...

Love how the Universe works! Everyone comes into our life for a reason. You are very aware, that is great!

Sophia said...

Meeting people takes on a whole new meaning, now. When I meet someone new, I wonder to myself what the reason is for them coming into my life. I may never consciously know the answer, but I can trust that there is a reason.