Saturday, April 21, 2007

Dream Date April 21, 2007

I slept all day today, and probably had many dreams but I only remember two. I think I slept so much because I've been taking an excess of Melatonin, which is a hormone that helps one fall asleep. I'm taking it in combination with Vitamin B6 to help me recall my dreams.

First dream:

I'm opening geodes to find crystals. I open one and inside is a beautiful array of clear crystal which looks like clear quartz. I pull out the crystals and take them with me.

[Note: I don't really know much about the supposed benefits of crystals, but I wear a clear quartz crystal around my neck because it is simply beautiful, regardless of whether or not it has any "powers".]

Second dream:

I am in a casino hotel with Anthony Hopkins. He is there playing a game of black jack and watching a boxing match at the same time. I am tired and am on a higher floor level looking down at him playing. He comes up to my level to carry me to bed. As he carries me to the room, I hold on to him tightly, hugging him and feeling close to him, closing my eyes as I press my face against his. It was very tender, really.

This was one of those dreams where I woke up feeling a bit disappointed that it was only a dream. I felt emotionally close to the man that looked like Anthony Hopkins.

I have to learn how to become lucid in dreams again. :)


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm learning a lot from you. There is a tendency on my part to just keep quiet, stay aloof and forget all about it. I mean especially about acquiring "powers". These two dreams are really about finding power, both spiritual and elemental.
Crystals represent spiritual power, it's reception and transmission. There is possibly some level of crystallization (quartz) in you which will enable you to use power to move forward.
The second dream has more to do with basic or instinctive powers and seems to reflect your dark side. Maybe you have seen too many films with Hopkins in it. And that you are attracted to men of intellectual and physical power. Men who seem to be strong on the outside (face). I am reluctant to elaborate.
Anyway the latter dream seems to be full of symbols and it is up to you to find out what they really signify at present. And there is an element of escapism in this dream.

Anonymous said...

You might find this interesting:

Sophia said...

You're doing a fine job, if you ask me.

I want to keep moving forward... to keep progressing. I would only use power on myself, to improve myself and make myself a better person. I would never wish to use power to belittle others. I love people too much to want to be powerful in this way.

I am attracted to men of intellectual and physical power. Very good! It seems my dreams reveal more about me than I previously thought, or maybe it's only that very few people can figure them out. They're like secret code, and only a few have the key to decrypt them.

I think there is an element of escapism in the latter dream, too. Interesting that you see that.

Sophia said...

That link leads me to a page by Swarovski crystals. That is the company that makes the crystals in a necklace I almost bought late last year. The necklace is called "Evenstar" and was warn by Arwen in The Lord of the Rings. I fell in love with the necklace and almost invested in one made of silver, but talked myself out of it. I love jewelry too much for someone who is supposed to be a spiritual person. I mostly don't indulge myself, but I do sometimes. :) My husband is lucky, though, because I mostly prefer silver as opposed to gold. Silver is much cheaper.

Anonymous said...

While searching for webpages on crystals and finding out that amethyst has healing qualities, I suddenly remembered that I have an armband made of 11 amethyst stones; I took it out and put it on. Maybe I will feel better wearing it.
In the past I had the habit of buying cheap jewelry, some of them not so cheap. In fact I have a ring consisting of 12 small diamonds set to form an hexagon. I am wearing it too. Usually I wear jewelry only on special ocassions. But now I think it might be a good idea to do it all the time. Perhaps it will cheer me up even more.
After having collected a few pieces of gold and silver jewelry, I suddenly didn't pay attention to them anymore. In fact I almost forgot I had a collection. Until I lost a golden ring with a horse-head on top of it; a younger sister had given it to me. I didn't value it that much until I lost it. That's funny!

Sophia said...

Sometimes we don't realize how important something is to us until it's gone. It can be the same with people.

I have found that silver jewelry comes in all shapes and sizes, and gold jewelry is sometimes limited. You can't really find spiritual symbols in gold jewelry, unless it's Christian symbols. Other symbols can be more easily found in silver jewelry. This must be why I like silver so much.

Your armband and ring sound delightful. I love gemstones, and sometimes I try hard not to like them too much. They are mesmerizing and pretty to look at. This is why I like the crystal necklace I wear. Stones are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I heard once that if you want to buy jewelry you shouldn't buy too many cheap ones. Just a few really valuable ones. But of course if you don't have enough money to buy real expensive ones, you have to make do with less.
In my case I'm not really interested in the material value, I am more in interested in the design. Not long ago I wanted to learn the art of jewelry making and take it up as a hobby. But I simply didn't have the time.
One time a sister of mine sent me a big zirconia from the US; it was maybe about a carat in weight. It was perfect and very brilliant. I love to look at it.
Last night I dreamt that I was attacked by a sorcerer; he tried to dislocate my right shoulder. I heard it explode with a pop but it didn't hurt. So perhaps he wasn't really trying to harm me. Maybe he even tried to heal me. But I had to muster some courage in order not to show my fear. And this morning I put on the amethyst armband again just in case.
And early in the morning I had a very lucid dream. In fact I thought I wasn't dreaming. I was working in an old deserted chemical factory together with a number of women chemical engineers. I tried to impress them by saying I could fix a mechanical problem for them in no time. But I worked so fast I caused a fire which almost burnt a portion of the plant down. After it was put out, they told me I had nothing to worry about; they wouldn't tell anybody I was responsible. And one of them, a pretty highly-educated and very experienced one took me aside and lovingly explained to me what my mistake was. I was a bit disappointed as they kept laughing in amusement.

Sophia said...

Anonymous, I'm the same way. It's not the value I'm interested in; it's the design. I especially like jewelry that is symbolic of something important in my life.

That popping noise you heard? People who have successfully had out-of-body experiences sometimes heard popping noises during the "exit" phase.

Did any of the women in your dream look familiar? Or were they dream strangers?