Thursday, April 5, 2007

Gateway Experience Journal April 5, 2007

Focus 10 is a very relaxing phase to be in. Tonight I went through the second lesson in the Gateway Experience. I will probably go through this lesson again because I was so relaxed that I was almost asleep. He said some very important things, but I couldn't focus because I was almost out-of-it. This was truly a mind-awake-body-asleep stage. I almost started dreaming several times; that is how close to sleep I was. I saw a vision of a full moon, or at least a moon which was almost full. Strange, because the full moon was three days ago, on April 2. At some parts of the experience tonight, I felt completely aware of my entire body, not just an arm or a leg, or my head or eyes, but the entire body.

I don't have to work tomorrow so I'm going to stay up a bit longer doing the second lesson again. It's probably going to take me 36 days or longer to complete this program.

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