Friday, April 13, 2007

Dream Date April 13, 2007

First dream:

I am swimming in a room filled with water. I am with an African-American couple, and we are picking each other up and dunking each other head-first into the water.

Second dream:

I am standing in front of my old boss T.G. He says to me, "You're fired."

In another part of the dream, he says to me, "You're hired." I am in disbelief that he hired me, and I am very excited.

Later on I'm organizing old print outs, the kind of the big old lined green printer paper. The papers are numbered and I'm putting them in numerical order.

Still later I am surfing the Internet. I realize that I've been surfing the Internet for a while and haven't been working. It is just a realization of sorts, like, "Oops! I haven't been doing my work." I hope to myself that my boss didn't notice and I go back to work.

Note: I only worked for T.G. for the first six months after college. He owned his own business, and I learned that it is not wise to go work for a small personal business. I did not like T.G. AT ALL! I had the impression that he wanted me to worship the ground he walked on, and when I didn't it caused some sort of discord between us. Anyway, when he found out that I was looking for another job elsewhere (which I got shortly after), he fired me.


Anonymous said...

The two dreams have clear (lucid and vivid) messages.

First dream:
Swimming here suggests your struggle with keeping or breaking social norms and following or ignoring cultural stereotypes. Pardon me, I am not a sociologist; I hated the social sciences.
Which is difficult?

Second dream:
This dream reveals your fears and concern about the negative consequences and detrimental effects of your spiritualistic and escapistic(?) activities especially via internet on your professional work. While you are expecting and seeing progress and growth (green paper print-outs), you also are afraid that you might lose your job because of this.

Anonymous said...

Write anomymously.
Don't surf at the office.
Or install a boss-alarm or boss-button.
Don't overdoe it.
Don't get enlightened.
Or be enlightened.

Sophia said...

Hello anonymous, sorry for taking three days to get back to you. I've had a busy weekend! Now I'm back to the grind of the workweek. Until we get new work to do, I have nothing to do except surf blogs!

Surfing the web is a big part of what I do on a daily basis from work. No joke - we go through a month or more at a time where we have absolutely no work to do. If it wasn't for the Internet, I'd go crazy! Also, the Internet is a big part of my spirituality, as it allows me to do research and to connect with other souls.