Saturday, April 7, 2007

PrimaSounds and Gateway Experience Journal April 6/7, 2007

I have a lot to report on tonight from my meditation experiences. I have just finished my sessions tonight and it is 1:00am and I feel very refreshed, alert and aware. I feel as though I have just slept an entire night and have awakened in the morning and had a nice shower. Were it daytime I would be off to a good start.

I had two sessions tonight. The first, I meditated using the first CD in the three-CD set of PrimaSounds. The first CD is entitled "Lifetuning Primasounds". It was like a sonic bubble bath! It wasn't long before I was completely disoriented. I did not know for sure where my physical body was. I began to imagine that I was turned at a 180 degree angle, with my head where my feet really were, and my feet where my head really was. I believe this orientation of the energy body may someday help me to astral project, although this time I was more into just feeling the energy body more than attempting to project.

I am very much into sound healing, but especially in using sounds and non-predictive music to assist in meditation. I am, however, tonight very pleasantly surprised at how PrimaSounds aided me in feeling and experiencing my energy body; it is like nothing I have ever experienced before, and I have been using sounds to meditate with off and on for a while now.

After my session with the PrimaSounds, I got up and went to the kitchen to get one Hershey's Kiss. Just one! Then I came back and started lesson three in the Gateway Experience.

As with lessons one and two, I created the energy conversion box with which to place my concerns, to get them out of the way so that my thoughts are cleared during the session. Next, I did some resonant tuning, inhaling and imagining energy entering my body and head, exhaling stale energy while chanting the same tones that are played in the headphones. Tonight, I was introduced to the Resonant Energy Balloon (REBAL). I formed around me an energy balloon, by imagining energy spurting out of the top of my head like a fountain, circling that energy down around me like a spiral, and letting that energy re-enter my body through the soles of my feet. In this way, I let the energy flow out around and through me, a constant flow of energy.

After working on the REBAL we went easily into Focus 10, the mind-awake-body-asleep state. We remained in this focus for a few minutes, then he called us back out of it, into full waking consciousness. After becoming fully mentally and physically awake, he guided us back into Focus 10, but this time even deeper and longer. I am surprised with how much ease I am able to enter and leave Focus 10. This is good practice. While in Focus 10, he advised us that any time we wish to enter focus 10, all we have to do is inhale and think of the number 10 and exhale, and we can easily be in focus 10. This works like hypnosis. While in focus 10 the mind is very open to suggestions. I've noticed in the second session that while in focus 10 he gave us some instructions, such as anytime we want to remember something, all we have to do is touch our foreheads with the fingers of our right hand and we will remember. This is how I remembered this morning's dreams. On stirring in the morning, I couldn't remember my dreams, so I touched my forehead in this way, and sure enough I recalled two dreams.

This is all I have to report on for tonight. Tomorrow night, I'll have more as I listen to the second PrimaSounds CD and also the fourth lesson of the Gateway Experience.

Goodnight for now.


cutud said...

Something about esoteric faith healing. Wanna go to the Sun?

Sophia said...

I remember being told by a surgeon, "You have a very low tolerance for pain." He told me that even under anesthesia I screamed in pain. I'd not like to have nails driven through my hands or feet. I understand that this crucifixion can be a religious experience for some, but I know myself well enough to know that I don't desire to have nails driven through my flesh. :)