Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Synchronicity Journal April 17, 2007

An hour or so ago I typed out my dream. I said that in the dream I told my husband that we fight 80% of the time. I'm watching a lecture on the Mayan calendar on Google Video and the lecturer just wrote the number 80% on the whiteboard. It's the first and only percentage that he's written in the whole lecture so far, and it's been going on almost three hours.

The number was used in the lecture to show that the AMA (American Medical Association) admits that 80% of things that can go wrong with the body start with stress.


Joe said...

Fighting/bickering is rather typical amoung married folk. Relationships are the sandpaper of the soul, taking off the rough edges of our character. A spouse is so close that telepathy seems a given. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. When our expectations collide with what's really there (our inner picture of what a spouse should be vs what they really are), we have two choices, attempt to change what's there to match our expectations or change our expectations. From personal experience, I can tell you which is easier and less stressful. Your choice, choose wisely.

Sophia said...

Hi Joe,

Sometimes marriage makes my husband seem like a sibling, with whom I am given to fighting with. After it's all over I sit back and laugh to myself that I could let myself get so worked-up. I think, "Here I am fighting. And I call myself 'spiritual'?" I guess when you live with the same person for so long it becomes inevitable that you will sooner or later rub each other the wrong way.

I choose to change my expectations.

Thanks for your input. Happy Wednesday!