Thursday, April 5, 2007

Dream Date April 5, 2007

My dream recall has gotten rusty the past week. This morning I tried to remember my dream the moment I turned off the alarm clock. All during my shower I focused, trying to bring forth some image from the dream. Finally, towards the end of my shower, some bits and pieces came back to me. This is what I have, although it is not the entire dream:

I am looking at a young woman; she has bulging eyes. They are not real eyes, but fake. She reaches up and pulls the fake eyes out of her eye sockets. Underneath, are her real eyes.

In another part of the dream, I am hugging a beige/white stuffed gorilla, like a child would hold a stuffed toy.

This morning I did a Google search for "albino gorilla" and found this:

Snowflake is the only known albino gorilla. He lived nearly 40 years.

I take from this dream that I am holding on to something rare and special. Obviously in waking life it is not a gorilla. I believe it is related to my spiritual journey. What am I holding on to that is so special?

The dream about the eyes might reflect that once I was seeing a false reality, but now I am beginning to see what really is. Or perhaps, once I was blind but now I can see.

I look-up "gorilla" in an online dream dictionary and find this:

"To see a gorilla in your dream, suggests that you may be too 'over the top' in your behaviour. Perhaps you are compensating for your rigidity and stiffness in your waking life. Alternatively, the gorilla symbolizes your primitive impulses, wild nature and repressed sexual energy."

Should we believe dream dictionaries?

These are just my takes on the dream. What are yours?


Anonymous said...

Dream dictionaries are a good way to start, I think. They offer us possible symbols and meanings.
And I guess you're really the one who can accurately interpret your dreams, with or without assistance.
Let me tell you what I think:
Maybe, you are beginning to realize that you are seeing or looking at or seeing things not with your own "real eyes" but thru the "fake eyes" of another. Or simply thru an artificial instrument or thru a filter.
And in terms of spirituality, the stuffed gorilla could represent your teacher, who could be overbearing, and you try to be in control by holding it like a stuffed toy. But at the same time depending on it for affection, protection and security. Maybe it's time you gave it away or discarded it. It's up to you. But you shouldn't give the gorilla too much control over you. You should treat it like a stuffed toy.

Sophia said...

I think dictionaries can sometimes offer us background information, but only when we can not first otherwise figure the dreams out for ourselves. Dreams are personal and dictionaries are too global. I am not, for instance, a very sexual being, and for the dictionary to imply that I have repressed sexual energy is a hoot. I had to laugh. My head is too far in space to be sexual. I am more evolved than a mere primative being.

I will admit that I had thought the gorilla represented my teacher. He is, after all, truly one in a million.

Mike said...

I agree that dream dictionaries are a bit hit and miss...I've looked things up from time to time but been mostly disappointed by what I found. Again, dreams are best interpreted personally, and sometimes the meaning doesn't show up until some time has passed. As a stranger, I won't presume to interpret your dream but I will just mention a thought based on your comment. If you did have "repressed sexual energy" wouldn't it be likely that you'd deny it with laughter? I think our spirts/souls can be more evolved than needing sex...but for most of us, inhabiting human bodies means dealing with sexual energy. And I think experiencing the "human side" of things is why we're all here. One reason why we dream at all may be our mind's attempt to integrate our soul (non-being) and body (being) experiences. You have a great site Sophia. Good luck with your explorations!

Anonymous said...

Sexuality? Maybe we repress it too much. And we end up being oversexed.
You won't believe this: Last night I had this dream of being a porno-star. Everyone was very jealous of me. They all wanted to be the main actor, a long line of them waiting outside to audition for the part. So I went inside very unsure of myself and my equipment. A young beautiful woman was waiting for me. While the other guys kept looking and making faces thru the glass window. Boy, was I the lucky guy.
In real life, I'm not that bold.