Friday, April 13, 2007


I used to belong to this website called TinManMoves. It was really rather fascinating, though at the time I didn't appreciate it as much as I would now, and a year and a half ago or so I took it for granted and didn't participate that much. Now I feel like I have a lot to say to other people.

TinManMoves or Tin Man Moves was a website where you remained purely anonymous and dropped off insightful hints to be placed in members' emailboxes. Sometimes people would respond, but they would be anonymous, too. It was like a collective consciousness of sorts where people could basically help people. The insights were fabulous!

Today I went to find TinManMoves, but it is gone. Does anyone know what happened to it? Has anyone ever heard of it?

This is a message to the creator of TinManMoves: Please bring it back! (I'm hoping he or she will do a Google search and find this message.)

Here are some samples of some of the messages I received while TinManMoves was up and running:

"What else is there but love to save ourselves..."

"How can we know an answer, if we don't know the question?"

"FEAR False Evidence Appearing Real"

"life is the most extreme sport."

"There is no dispute that cannot be solved, given enough patience..."

One of my favorites - "New treasure comes from old chests."

"The true meaning of peace is the absence of struggle..."

"I need to let go of the past and live in the NOW"

I have hundreds more. I saved them all because I thought maybe I could use them someday. I'm glad I did, because if anything they serve as remnants of the treature trove that was known as TinManMoves.

Update: I just remembered that there is another service which is similar to TinManMoves, although I haven't tried it out yet, so I don't know what kinds of messages I'll receive, but the service is called "Message in a Bottle". Here is a link if anyone is interested:


Forgetful God said...

Thank you for the link to "message in a bottle". I think there should be more programs like this...just chances to speak without needing credentials and a name to do so. There are an amazing amount of messages that we hear everyday and we often forget how profound those messages are when we pay attention to "who is saying them" or "why they are being said".
When something is not thought about or analyzed it can mean absolutely anything.
I have some bottles to send out...

Thanks again,

A forgetful God

Sophia said...

I am glad you enjoyed the link. I think this is certainly fun, and sometimes some of the messages are so important that I do wish I could somehow contact the author so that they could give me more messages of similar value, but the anonymity is also no doubt one part of the mystery of the game, and I must agree that mystery makes one pay attention more.

I've been sending out a few bottles of my own. :)

Mark said...

Thanks for the link. I look forward to checking it out. Sounds like fun and that there may be lessons there to be learned.If you have not been to check it out. This site sends a very cool e-mail once a day which is often tailored to you.

Zataod said...

I checked out Oceangram, and it looks pretty interesting.

I'm going to throw out a few bottles and see what comes back to short.

Zataod said...

Okay, Oceangram is completely addictive!!!

Alexys Fairfield said...

What a wonderful concept. I was going to suggest that you start another one until I got to the bottom of the post and you had already discovered another one.

Can't wait to explore and see what's in the ocean of love.


Anonymous said...

If you concentrate on the misery you will stop thinking of the culprit.

Yazi said...

those are some nice msgs..

i ran to your blog on a whim, very impressed! keep up

Roswila said...

FEAR False Evidence Appearing Real

Thanks for this one, Sophia!

Leighton Cooke said...

I like the idea of life as an extreme sport. Mine has been like that of late.

Desiree said...

Thanks for sharing the link! This sounds like an intriguing idea!

Yazi said...

Thanks for dropping by, glad you liked it Sophia! (:

have a good weekend!

Sophia said...

Mark, thank you for the link! I signed up for the notes and I got my first one today. I think I'm going to like this service!

Sophia said...

Zatoad, on Friday I started using Oceangram, too, and I can see where it would be very easy to get addicted to it. It's taking all of my will power not to play with it today!

I think if anyone ever feels lonely, all they have to do is visit, open and send a few bottles.

Sophia said...


I also thought about starting another service similar to TinManMoves, just to quench my desire to get in touch with other people. If I was good at programming I'd be more motivated to start another one. For now, though, I think Oceangram will have to suffice!

Sophia said...

Anonymous, I'd rather concentrate on happiness!

Sophia said...

Hi Yazi, thank you for your visit. As you know I stopped by your blog and enjoyed what I've read so far. I still have so much more to read as I didn't have much time this weekend. I'll be back!

Sophia said...

You're welcome, Roswila!

Sophia said...

Leighton, I think life itself is a sport. Some of us look so hard to find other things to do, when living is an interesting hobby in and of itself!

Sophia said...

Desiree, you're welcome. Have fun with it!

Anonymous said...

When miserable, be miserable. This is how I deal with negative emotions, pain and suffering. It's like reverse psychology. If you say I will not be miserable, you might actually make the misery worse. This is not positive thinking nor negative thinking. It's simply letting things be. This is what strengthens character. If you find it difficult to get rid of something, don't try to get rid of it or push it away. This way you conserve your energy and increase your tolerance and endurance.
If you do this you will also forget the source of you misery. In other words you stop feeding it.
I don't mean to say you try to make life miserable for others. Well, you will if you force yourself to be cheerful and friendly inspite of everything. People will see thru the happy exterior your pain.

Sophia said...

Sorry, Anonymous. I almost forgot to come and respond to your post. I try to respond to everything as soon as I can. I let a bad habit develop on my old blog - sometimes people would comment and I wouldn't respond. If someone has something to say to me, I want to acknowledge it. Words should not be wasted. People usually don't say something unless they have something important to say.

You're probably very right. It's best to just be. Go with the flow. Don't fight emotions, because fighting puts thoughts in our heads.

When I was miserable, believe me, I was miserable. I didn't fight it much, really. Looking back on my time of misery it seems I just laid back and let the depression beat me up. In the end, I won. I'm standing tall now. Depression wore itself out. I, on the other hand, saved my energy. Now, as the saying goes, It's All Good.

Life, such magic. What a miracle!