Friday, April 27, 2007

Dream Date April 27, 2007

I forget most of the context of this dream, but just now, I was staring at the crystal pendant I wear on a silver chain around my neck. I was just idly gazing into it, when suddenly I had flashbacks of scenes from the dream I had last night. The crystal pendant acted as a clue to my dream!

In the dream - though I forget most of the context - I see lots of colorful colorful crystals sticking up out of the ground. I walk around collecting as many as I can carry. I seem to remember pink and blue being the primary colors of the crystals.

Perhaps the pink and blue has significance. I am, after all, going to be walking for the March of Dimes, which is a charitable organization for babies, and pink is the color for girls and blue is the color for boys. I don't know if this is what the colors in my dream means, but it does seem to tie in with what's going on lately.


Anonymous said...

Power is a ... force if used for ... purposes.

Anonymous said...

If only I had known, I should have have remained a carpenter's son.

Anonymous said...

Pink is Red with White thrown in,
That is Power tempered by Love, Pink, my Friend.

Blue,The Presence, The Earth, it is,
Even She, has her masculinity, gee-whiz.

Crystal Balls and Future Dances, relax my heart, the Princess prances.

Dreams dreamed by a Dreamer Divine, Dressed in Crystal Calico, a Splendid Creature, but not mine.

Ah Well, I read her words in voice, and now, no matter, my heart does rejoice.

And when I start, I seldom stop, for the party never ends, in our worldly romp.

A small poem in return for glances you give, of your beauty and grace, and your Soul, Longlived.

Anonymous said...

In a dream -
although I fo'git
almost all of it -
I see lo's of colo's,
crystalline and pristine,
stickin' out of the groun'.
Collectin' I walk aroun'
carryin' as many as I can.
I know pink an' blue an'
yellow as well stan'
fo' primary colo's
of crystals.

Perhaps it means,
since I am goin',
soon to be walkin'
fo' the March of Dimes,
which is fo' babies,
but I'm no' sure of this,
the pink is fo' girls,
the blue is fo' churls,
what the two colo's
mean in my dream,
but it does seem
to tie nicely in
with what's goin'
on lately.


Mark said...

Sounds like you were collecting your tresures. Not sure what pink and blue had to do with it.

Sophia said...

Anonymous, your poetry is so beautiful. It is utterly astounding, so full of love.

I am indeed a dreamer, but I do not know how divine I am. I guess since everything is divine, I must be. It just means I'm not special. :)

I did not know you were a poet until I read this. You are beautiful - keep up the good work. I said earlier that I must not be special, but anytime someone writes poetry for me, I start to feel that I am special. Thank you.

Sophia said...

Mark, you should have seen me carrying around armfuls of crystal. I feel so greedy looking back on that dream!

Sophia said...

I was coming back to look again at your comments, and I realized I didn't say anything about your first comment. I didn't ignore it, I just didn't have anything to say in the beginning. Yes, power is a force used for purposes. What purpose shall we use our power for? Maybe to unite all of mankind, and for greater good. If I was a wizard and had a magic wand, this is what I'd do! But, if everyone makes positive little changes, they all add up to one big positive change, so let's work together. It starts small; to heal the world you must first heal yourself.

Anonymous said...

I have to be honest with you, the first poem is not from me, it's from another anonymous admirer of yours. I agree it's the better poem; I like it.
The second one is a paraphrase. I wrote it based on your entry. I gave it the form according to my style of poetry writing. From now on you will now me by the name of

-- pythagoras

Sophia said...

Pythagoras, it's nice to have something to call you besides "anonymous".

An anonymous admirer? I've never had one of those. I've had secret admirers before, but of course once they told me who they were they were no longer secret. :)

Whoever wrote whichever poem, both made my heart skip a beat, just because someone out there was writing poetry for me. It's really for the Universe, but my self will gladly accept them as a gift. :) Thank you!