Monday, April 2, 2007

Dream Date April 2, 2007

First Dream:

I am walking down the hall at high school. On a table in front of a classroom are cups filled with drinks, some are yellow and some are blue. I grab a blue drink.

I'm heading for the lockers. I try to remember the combination to my locker. I think I remember the numbers being something like 25-26-27. But I hope that my locker-mate is there and already has the locker open.

Second Dream:

I haven't been doing my homework for one of my classes, a math class, to be exact. I ask one of my teachers if it's too late to drop out of the class, so that I won't get a failing grade. She says, "No." Later on, the teacher is passing back homework, and I get some of mine back and realize that I'm not as far behind as I thought I was, so I rethink dropping the class.


Mark said...

Interesting. I think the second dream indicates that you are further along in something then you realize. That you need to give yourself more credit than you do. Could it be that you are too hard on yourself?

Sophia said...

Hi Mark, I can at times be too hard on myself. Usually it comes in the form of doubt. It's my egos way of holding on to dear life. I think thoughts like, "Am I far enough along the path?", "Am I progressing fast enough?" And I think these thoughts even when I know such thoughts could only serve to impede my growth. Why do we do things when we know they are not right?

Anonymous said...

I love interpreting dreams. Let me see if I can still do it.
Dream #1:
You seem to be happy to go back to school. Maybe recall what you have learnt. You are being offered two possibilities and you know exactly what you need or want. The blue drinks suggest, according to occultists and healers, peacefulness, relaxation and sleep. The blue being a cool and passive colour is also the colour of healing. And if it is sky blue it suggest spirituality. If you have drunk the fluid there is a possibility that you will be healed of whatever is ailing you.
The numbers can mean something to you. Try to find out what they represent. Maybe you need to remember what they are for. Could they represent the preceding three years of your life? Maybe it means now you are senior student.
Who could be your locker-mate? Why do you want him to open the locker for you? Does this suggest uncertainty, self-doubt and lack of independence?

Sophia said...

Anonymous, that's pretty amazing. I'd say you still have a knack for interpretation.

The color of the blue drink was actually a deep darker blue. I'd say it was the same blue as a blue gatorade drink.

As for the numbers, you may be right on about the three preceding years of my life, since I am now 28 and the combination numbers were 25-26-27. It does fit, if you ask me. I think the three previous years have been important years leading up to my recent growth spurt, and all three have included important lessons, trials and celebrations.

If I remember correctly, the locker-mate was the same girl who was my locker-mate in real life. A girl named J.

Thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

Dream #2:
"When the chela(student) is ready the teacher will appear."

Well, the teacher has appeared but probably not in the form of a wise man, but in one who seem to be appropriate to your abilities, capacities and level of development. Inspite of your laziness, it appears, and lack of confidence, the teacher seem to be aware that you will pass. And you seem to accept his authority without much resistance. Inspite of your uncertainty this area seems to be your territory. To be exact, a math class. I mean you have very little problems with exact sciences.

Sophia said...

Interesting. The sub-header of my old blog stated something similar, "When the student is ready, the master will appear."

How did you know I was lazy? This is something I have been working on and must continue to do so.

And, I was a math major, so yes, math is my territory. (Did I ever state on my blog that I majored in math? I can't remember!) :)

Anonymous said...

"I haven't been doing my homework for one of my classes, a math class, to be exact."

Sophia said...

Yes, but that does not imply that math is my territory. Anyone can take a math class. It's just sending along some good vibes that you somehow know or picked-up that math is my territory.

Anonymous said...

By the way dark-blue colour could represent wisdom and self-expression. What you really wanted.

Sophia said...

I admit, I have wanted wisdom. I went after it for a couple of years. But it's funny how things work out, because when I gave up the search, it seems to have started showing up. I don't want to want anything too much.