Sunday, April 8, 2007

The Gateway Experience Journal - The Disappearance of Time, April 7, 2007

I don't have much to report on last night's Gateway Experience lesson, except, however, that time seemed to not exist. I remember putting on the lesson, and I vaguely remember going through some things in the Energy Conversion Box, but it seems like the end of the lesson came very quickly, say, within five minutes, when I know the lesson to have been at least thirty-six minutes long.

Last night's lesson was called "Release and Recharge". I can remember just a little bit of the lesson - that we were going through things in the energy conversion box, and looking for hidden emotions and getting rid of them, such as fear. We simply let the fear bubble up and away.

I am definitely going to do lesson four again, because I can not remember if I fell asleep in the middle of it or not. I do remember being somewhat sleepy before beginning, however.


goatman said...

You sure do get around!
I hope that I didn't contribute to any "negative energy" during your fractal phase. I meant no harm.
May have a client for some of your fractal pictures. She is setting up a shop in Mexico, MO and I will tell her of your offerings in hopes of interest.
I was glad to hear of your release from "the feeling" as I used to call it when I was suffering. Its nice to be free of that particular clamp.
Best to ye

Sophia said...

Goatman! I'm so happy to see you in this neck of the woods. You contributing to negative energy, are you kidding me? Of course you didn't! I'm just going through a dry spell right now. It happens in regular phases where I am extremely proficient with my fractals, and then I'll go through months where I don't have any creativity at all. No Siree, you were one of the highlights of my fractal blog, I'm absolutely crazy about you. :)

Thanks for mentioning me to your friend. If she's interested, I'm interested. Just knowing people are looking at them makes me want to make more.

How have you been doing? Keep in touch, will you?

I didn't know you had suffered from depression, too. I am surprised to find that some of my online friends know the feeling, and it seems spiritual people have gone through it. I guess it is the Dark Night of the Soul that I've read about recently. That dark phase sure does make me appreciate life so much more, and I no longer take it for granted. I wake up in the morning and I thank the Universe that I've got breath going into my lungs, and that my heart is beating blood throughout my veins. This life experience is a wonderful lesson, and I'm glad to be here trying to remember who I am. It gives me purpose!

I'll try to get around to making some more fractals soon! Thanks again for your visit here.