Thursday, March 1, 2007

Dream Date March 1, 2007

First dream:

I have a boyfriend in the dream, who tells me that he will make me any car I want. I'm reading a car magazine, and spot a yellow "Cobra". This Cobra isn't a car they make in real life, it is something I dreamed up, a sports car of sorts. I tell him I want him to make me a yellow Cobra. He says he can do it, but it will take 10 months. While he is working on creating the car, I am driving down the street. I see another car pulling a trailer. On the trailer is a Cobra with a price tag. The tag says, $3,100,000. In another part of the dream, I'm talking to a young man who says that he sold his Cobra for over a million dollars. I get excited because that means if I sell the Cobra that I'm about to get, I'll get a lot of money, much more money than it had cost my boyfriend to build the car.

For a number of days late last year and earlier this year I watched several automobile auctions, in particular, I followed the Barrett-Jackson auction. The car in my dream was not really like an older Shelby Cobra, it was more like the modern day Mustang Cobra. And by the way, one of my favorite cars is the Mustang. The other is the Corvette.

Second dream:

I'm swimming under the sea. I see property lots, which are like underwater backyards, with houses floating above them. All over the bottom of the sea are compact discs, with sea urchins attached to them. In a separate part of the dream, I'm swimming at the surface of the water, trying to get away from a man who I think I remember as being Sylvester Stalone. I don't know why I'm swimming away from him, but I think it is because he was a zombie. Now I'm in a house that is on top of the ocean. I'm locking locks on the front door - about three locks to be exact. There are zombies outside that want to get in. Then I remember that there is a side door that doesn't have hardly any locks on it, and I think it would be easy for the zombies to get in, so I run to the door, and try to lock it. The next scene that I am able to recall, I am in the kitchen. I have plants, but they are more like coral that I am growing. I water them.


Some of my dreams have colors that I strongly remember. For instance, the dream I had a week or so ago about the video of the tall men dressed in red, skiing on white snow. I recall making note in the dream of how the red contrasted with the white. Then there is the dream where I designed red and white tie-dye shirts, in which I used rose-red coloring for the spots that seemed to clash with the red lettering. And now this dream, in which I strongly remember dreaming of a yellow car. Later on, when I have more time, I'll check out this webpage which talks about color in dreams:

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