Saturday, March 3, 2007

Dream Date March 3, 2007- Falling in Love with a Dream Character

I am in a man's house, sleeping in a chair. It is morning, and I am dreaming. (Yes, I am dreaming within a dream.) In this dream within a dream, I am returning to the source. The man, my lover, wakes me up from the noises the computer makes as he connects to the internet via dial-up. He comes to the chair and gently rouses me from my fogginess.

I go into the bathroom. On my way, I see that he is making me breakfast in a frying pan. Seeing this, I feel a strong sense of love for him.

Going back into the room he is in, I tell him, "I know all about Robert Anton Wilson. I know all about the magic trickery you were doing to my mind." But, I'm only lovingly teasing him. Even though I knew he used magic on my mind, I still love him.

In another part of the dream, we're at the beach, I think. He gets on top of me and just looks down into my eyes. He smiles at me, and we just laugh and laugh, enjoying each other's company.

When I first awoke from this dream, I felt a little disappointed that I was no longer with this dream character. I felt such a strong sense of love. I felt lonely knowing that he doesn't really exist. I made a wish, that I would dream of him again.


Anonymous said...

In my whole life I've never experienced any feelings so intense in a dream state than the one I felt or still feeling right now when dreamed about a lady. I fell in love with her. My dreams about her are like episodes similar to a tv show. One after another all linked up. And the weird thing was, I felt worried about her because she was ill in my last dream. There's this urge to see her again to comfort her, cheer her up to show I love her. I know I'm not crazy. I simply don't understand what this dream is telling me. I really don't know. I think I got to stop thinking about her and forget her totally. Sorry I can't help to share. - thekorex (at) yahoo (dot) com

Sophia said...

Hi Anonymous - Have you been journaling your dreams? Any particular items stand out, any colors? Could be, you are dreaming about yourself.

Don't be sorry - I'm happy you shared with us. Feel free, always.