Saturday, March 24, 2007

Dream Date March 24, 2007

First dream:

I am in a store, and I see some dusty speakers. I go to work cleaning them, dusting them off. While I'm in the store, a man comes up to me and says he can read auras. He reads mine, and I can see what he sees, and it looks like he is looking deep into my eyes, and I see a tunnel of sorts as if he is looking deep into the blackness of my eyes. When he is finished, he gives me a red stuffed heart, as if to imply that by reading my aura he saw lots of love.

Second dream:

I am in a field, pulling up tiny baby trees. I try to get as much root growth with them as possible, so that I can replant them somewhere else. I see something moving around close to where I am, and upon further glance, I see that there are some rabbits in a nest of grass.

In another part of the dream, I am carrying a rabbit in my arms. I place the rabbit on the ground, so that it may meet another rabbit. One of the rabbits hits the other rabbit, much as a cat would hit another cat with its paw.

Third dream:

There is a baby in a cage. The baby doesn't have any arms, but has instead hands that come right out of its shoulder. The man that I've seen in other dreams is in this dream again. He is upset or worried, because he wants the baby and for some reason he can't get it. I help him get the baby. I get the impression that the man and I have a relationship.

(Note: I have seen this man in other dreams. I wonder to myself if he is attached to my soul in some way. If I ever figure out a way to astral project, I am going to ask him who he is.)

Fourth dream:

I am standing in line to see a religious man. He is sitting down, and everyone is waiting in line to sit on his lap in order to talk to him much as a child would sit on Santa's lap in the mall. He is wearing a cloth on his head much as a Sheikh would, as am I.

Fifth dream:

I receive an email from my friend asking if I have seen anything white.

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