Saturday, March 3, 2007

What's in My Bag/Purse

Following in the steps of R. K. over at the AwayAlone blog, in which he shows the world what's in his bag, I have taken a picture of my "purse" and its contents. I need to describe my purse before going on, though. My purse also serves as a tote-bag. I don't buy Vera Bradley purses or worry about following the fashion. I just use what is most useful and convenient for me, and it just happens to be convenient to carry around a large green bag. Following the photograph is a description of its contents, which is also displayed by the purse.

First and foremost, forgive for the ugly green carpet and the ugly old green chair. This is my computer room. Leaning against the chair is my green purse/bag. Directly below the purse is my 2007 daily calendar, a bottle of coconut-lime-verbana lotion by Bath & Body Works, my red hair brush with which I brush my very long hair many times a day, my mirror, part of the "Mind-Bending Puzzles" desk calendar, a logic problem puzzle book, an Extreme Sudoku puzzle book, the book We Were the Mulvaneys by Joyce Carol Oates, a pen, a pencil with an eraser for the puzzle books, a pencil sharpener for the pencil, two chapsticks - one watermelon flavored, the other blue crazeberry flavored. My black faux-leather wallet, my black faux-leather checkbook cover, my keychain with Snoopy, an almost empty pack of Winterfresh chewing gum, my cell phone, my 30GB video iPod in its pink leather case. I now tag anyone who reads this to do the same on their blog!

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