Monday, March 5, 2007

Dream Date March 5, 2007

As I'm typing this several hours after my normal morning routine, I have forgotten many of the details, but this is the general story line of my dream.

I am a slave, and I am with other slaves. I am not a slave in America, I think I am a slave in another world. I see my band instructor from high school. He has freed us, and we are running quickly away towards safety. Someone grabs me and pulls me into a room. I ask them, "What are you doing? I'm trying to get away!" And she says to me, "We're collecting people."


Mark said...

Interesting. Wonder what you feel you may be running away from in life, slavery of your job, of a relationship that you are in.
Band Teacher saving you may signify that you feel less stressed when playing or listening to music. Interesting. What do you think your dream meant?

Puzzled Woeman said...

Hi Mark, I don't know what this dream means. Unfortunately, I lack the talent and originality necessary to interpret dreams, even my own.

I don't really feel like a slave to anything or anyone. In fact, right now I feel a strong sense of freedom. I think that maybe the dream is showing me that I'm moving away from the slavery of limited awareness/consciousness into a new world, where the woman who is collecting people might actually be collecting people in order to help them! I think she may be what I would call an "Agent of Value".

Yesterday I was given a sign that there are Agents of Value about me. I may be somehow attracting them towards me with the changes that I am going through. Remember what you said about the Law of Attraction? These agents are a good influence on me! I even think my cat "Fuzzy Bear" is an Agent of Value!