Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Natural Spiritual Drug

Synchronicity makes me high. Who needs drugs?


Anonymous said...

Yes, who needs drugs. If you can get high naturally. This means you shouldn't suppress getting high when you feel like getting high. Or you will have conflict with it. Never mind what other people think or say. It's not that bad or crazy.
However, try to recover from it as soon as possible by not worrying about it. Let it be. Allow it. But don't wallow in it.

Sophia said...

Hi Anonymous, I haven't gotten high from drugs since last year, in November. For the most part, I found that getting high started to not be as much fun as usual, because I began to get paranoid. I would actually turn out the lights and look out the windows to make sure no one was watching me. If I lived in Amsterdam I wouldn't have to worry about this. :)

Having said that, I'd like to say that the reason I started smoking last year, was to try to expand my spiritual growth. I used the smoke right before I meditated. Without a doubt it enhanced my meditation. However, because of the society I live in, I felt feelings of guilt for doing it. Guilt and paranoia are not a fun combination. :) So, since then, I haven't touched the stuff.

There is another drug that I have experimented with called Salvia, that is still legal in my state. It is a hallucinogenic, but I haven't messed with this in a while, either, again, not since last year.

Recently someone I met online recommended that I try a mushroom that has not been deemed illegal from the country, but since I've never used mushrooms, I'm a little scared of what it will do to me.

I have no problem with drug use as long as it is done in a responsible way (i.e. no driving after the use, just like alcohol.) I especially have no problem with it in the sense of using it to enhance one's spirituality. People have done this for hundreds of years.

Thanks for your input. I hope you stop by again. :)

Anonymous said...

People used to think I was using drugs a lot because I tend to be highly strung. And I tend to tell really crazy jokes or imitate people. Sometimes it made me self conscious. But now I don't care anymore. I just concentrate on making people laugh and teaching them something.
So don't worry about how people will react. Just ignore everybody.
And the next moment pretend as if you haven't said or done a thing.

Sophia said...

It's good that you aren't so self-conscious anymore. This is a goal of mine - to get rid of this heavy burden called self-consciousness. I do find that I worry less and less about what people think about me. If someone doesn't like me, it's their problem, because they're missing out on making a great friend. :)