Saturday, March 31, 2007

Setting Goals

I'm going to publicly state my weight-loss goal on my blog, because if I make it public, I'll feel more accountable for it. Without going into just how much I weigh at the present moment, I'll post some pictures from my past that show where I'd like to be this year. Also, just a warning, that if you're planning on taking antidepressants, be prepared for some weight gain! The medicines are infamous for this. Not only do they cause you to gain weight at rapid speed, but also, when you're depressed, you don't feel like doing anything, mon! So, you're sitting there getting fat and don't feel motivated to do a gosh darn thing about it! Then, one day, when you're not depressed anymore, you look in the mirror and say, "Oh my gosh." Totally shocked that this could happen to you, especially if you were one to take pride in keeping your body fit before you got fat.
(High school senior, 1996)

If you want to be spiritual, there are three things to keep in balance: Body, mind and spirit! The body is a vehicle for your spirit, or if you prefer the term, your body is your temple.

(High school senior, 1996)

Here is my goal: I'm going to lose 44.2 pounds. That still won't put me at my weight in high school, but it at least puts me to my ideal weight. The ideal weight calculator I used said I was 44.2 pounds overweight.

(Flag corps 1993/1994)

(Me and D. 2003? D looks miserable, had just had oral procedure.)


Desiree said...

I'm sure you will get there again! Just remember focus on the goal not the problem!

Great smile btw!

Sophia said...

Thanks for the support, Desiree!

One of my friends recommended an oatmeal diet, and I'm doing fairly well on it so far. I weighed myself this morning and it already looks like I've lost some weight. It's pretty bad when I weigh 44 pounds more than my husband (who is skinny and would make an excellent Jack Sprat!)

Ben said...

Publicly posting your goals is a great idea. I commend you for your dedication!!

Sophia said...

Thank you, Ben! I can and will do this! If I keep hearing and saying positive affirmations, it's bound to manifest.

Anonymous said...

Young pretty girls are my weaknesses. Sorry about that, Dave.
Keeping in shape. How do I keep in shape? I do a lot of facial exercises, smiling and laughing, shadow-boxing, free-dancing, and surfing (internet).
Actually I'm tired of hearing people say I look so young for my age. When I really feel so old. I must have overdone it.

Anonymous said...

I was waiting to tank at a local gas station when I saw this beautiful apparition. And she kept staring back at me. What was this very pretty woman thinking of, staring at me like that. Was she studying my bone structure or just wondering how black my thick hair was. Well, I was in a trancelike condition, as I often was. But I noticed how extremely beautiful she was, just like an angel.
Or maybe she thought I needed a haircut.

Sophia said...

Hi Anonymous, you like young pretty girls? I'm not so young anymore, really. I'll be 29 in June. How old are you? You say people say that you look young for your age. One thing I have noticed - and I know this to be true for myself - is that spiritual people sometimes act younger than their age. I think it is because they are full of child-like wonder. I know I am.

What did the apparition look like?

Do you have long hair? That's another thing I've noticed - spiritual people have long hair, or at least many of them, if not most.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I didn't have time for anything else. I mean I don't have time to go to the barber. Joke only. I'm not sure why I keep it long. Maybe then I look like an angel.
What apparition? Oh it was just a very pretty face, that's all.

Mossy said...

Hot Damm! You were really beautiful!

Oh well, we have to make the transition from external to internal someday, better sooner than latter.


Brian said...

Good luck you can do it! I used to be into healthy eating (my diet leave much to be desired now), and found that the most important thing was to enjoy everything I was eating. There's plenty of healthy foods that are delicious, some of which just take more time to prepare.

No need to sacrifice taste for health. After awhile the taste buds get less dependent on extremely greasy/salty/sugary foods and start to appreciate the finer tastes.

Maybe you'll motivate me to eat better as well!

Sophia said...

Hi Mossy, and thank you. :) Yes, I agree, that someday that transition does have to be made. It's funny, but I said this to a friend not too long ago when in discussion about my present appearance.

Sophia said...

Thank you, Brian! I never really was into healthy eating. When I was younger and thinner, I ate more food than I do now! I must have had a high metabolism. I remember as a child asking my mother if I could go buy seconds at the fast food restaurant. "Mom? Can I buy another fish filet?" No one could believe how much food I ate.

One thing I have noticed while on this diet, is that I'm so hungry that even a tuna fish sandwich is absolutely delicious! Foods just seem to taste better when one is hungry, or really really hungry, I should say!

It is good to have a friend's support during the transition, so I would be more than happy to help motivate you. :)

Leighton Cooke said...

Great pictures. Eat some raw salads and cut out sugar. Less salt and some exercise and you'll soon be looking like your pictures again. Keep faith in yourself. You can do it!

Sophia said...

Thank you. Although my present pictures aren't nearly as exciting. I avoid the camera at all costs, now!

Thanks for the diet tip. I'm on a mostly oatmeal diet now, although if I get tired of oatmeal one day, I'll substitute a salad, without the dressing, unfortunately.

The good news is, I'm doing this all by myself, without spending a fortune on Weight Watchers or L.A. Weightloss or something similar. All they do is charge you money to get you motivated. I'm motivated without all that!