Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Here and There and Everywhere

The blogosphere, where each blogger is like a neuron passing information on to the next neuron. Want to see something fascinating? Take a look at a map of the internet.


See how they resemble neurons in the brain, passing information from one to the next?

Here are some images of neurons, courtesy of the IBM/EPFL Blue Brain Project:


Phone lines, cables, dendrites? Bloggers, neurons? The Internet, one big brain?


Forgetful God said...

As Above so Below.
Just as the brain is a reflection of the interconnected consciousness (universe) the world is a reflection as well.

Alexander M said...

Wondrously Fascinating!


~ Alex

Puzzled Woeman said...

Forgetful God, that's an excellent relationship!

Alex, I'm glad you enjoyed! :)