Tuesday, March 6, 2007

On Balance Partners and the Number 11

Since the advent of the web, it seems that we are more likely to cross paths with what is known as a Balance Partner. I was Googling search terms like soul friend balance, and ended up on a page that speaks about Balance Partners. It made perfect sense to me.

You know how sometimes you cross paths with someone that seems to just bring balance back into your life? Balance partners can be any sex, male or female. As the page says, be careful about confusing your balance partner for your soul mate, as it is highly unlikely you will meet your soul mate in your lifetime. Also, bringing human emotions into the relationship can cause you to lose your Balance Partner. It is highly possible that you will never physically meet your Balance Partner.

The soul is a very mystifying concept. It is up to things that we have no idea about on the human level! We are too human to even begin to understand the concept of soul mate or even balance partner. It is so much different than petty human emotions!

Reading the article below made me feel like my head was just swarming with energy. Check out the entire page, but be sure to especially read the part about Balance Partners. I've included another link below that further describes the concept. I don't know that I agree with part of the page that talks about the sexual experience. I personally think sex has nothing to do with souls uniting, it is a physical human thing. (I should know - I've been celibate, more than two years and counting!)



On a completely separate note, I've been seeing the number 11 all day. Not 11:11, strangely, just 11, in numerous places.


Mark said...

Very interesting. I look forward to reading the article.

Puzzled Woeman said...

I hope you enjoy it, Mark! When I can think more clearly and I feel more balance and focus, I'll post something about animals and pets, too.