Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Dream Date March 7, 2007

Yet another in a continuing series of school-related anxiety dreams. School seems to be my recurring theme.

I am going into a math class. I don't have my homework done. The teacher tells me that she is kicking me out of the class. "Please," I beg from my desk. "Please don't kick me out. This is the last math class I need to graduate."

Strange that I would dream of this, considering that in high school and college I always had my homework finished.


Mark said...

Your dream may represent something eles in your life that is not complete and the teacher is probaby yourself, you are punishing yourself for this incomplete task.
What is it in your life that you need to complete that you have been beating yourself up about?

Puzzled Woeman said...

Mark, great interpretation. I wonder, will I ever develop the skill to interpret my own dreams? It is possible that it's a skill I won't develop, but that others I know like yourself are given the ability.

I think one thing that I've been giving myself a hard time about lately is a desperate need to apologize for wrong doings. It's guilt!