Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Dream Date March 20, 2007

I am in an office. A woman that looks like my old friend from elementary school comes into the room. (The woman's name is Lucy. We were good friends in elementary school, and after having not seen her for years, I worked with her for a short while in the beginning of 2002 at an insurance company.) She sounds as though she is scolding me, and if I remember correctly she was upset that the garbage can was full of shredded paper. I get up out of my chair angrily and walk up to her and yell at her, "Does it look like I'm the one that did that? Look at the copy machine and see all the shredded paper coming out of it? Whoever last used that copy machine is the one that filled-up this garbage can. It was not me!" I don't remember what happens next but later on in the dream I must have felt guilty for yelling at her, because I reached out and shook hands with her.

There are other weird things that I dreamed about, some of which involve a car race with our 1991 Firebird Formula, although in the dream it was the maroon color that it used to be, where as now it is painted black. Possibly in the same dream, but possibly in another dream, I bare my breasts.


Mark said...

Interesting dreams, not sure what they mean. The shredding dream could mean that you feel that you are being held responsible for something over which you have no control. The maroon firebird and the bare breasts may indicate that you desire some sort of adventure or passion in your life.

Puzzled Woeman said...

Thank you, Mark!

I came close to getting some adventure when we almost decided to go to Machu Picchu in Peru this May. Now I don't know what we plan to do, although we've thought about Disney World, Hawaii, Jamaica, Alaska, The West and others. Decisions can sometimes be difficult, especially when the options are broad.

The last time I had adventure was when we went to Mexico, and before that when we went spelunking and crawled around on our bellies in small tunnels!