Sunday, March 4, 2007

On Closed Minds and What it's Like to be a Mind Alone

I love everyone in my family, I mean dearly love them, I would give my life for them. I wouldn't wish to have another family ever. I sometimes just wish that I could talk to them, and that they'd understand me. These are just some examples of what I experience when I'm around them. We were in a conversation today about what we want done with our bodies after death. I mentioned that Timothy Leary's body was sent to outer space. My dad just rolled his eyes and said, "Oh God, Timothy Leary." Timothy Leary was an experimenter and an explorer. I think he set out to do things with consciousness that others would be too afraid to do. But, my dad looks at him as though he is a bad person. Then, later as we're eating, we're talking about something else, I forget the subject, and my husband says something like, "Well, look at the weird things you read on the internet and actually believe." While my husband is more open to exploration and experiences, he does seem to sometimes suffer from the closed mind syndrome. I talk to him about what I'm going through, and sometimes it seems like he teases me about it. He can't take me seriously. This is when I feel the most alone. So, I'm glad for you, those who happened to wander over here and actually know what I'm talking about, and those of you who understand me, and even those of you that will come to this blog in the future and think, "I know what she's talking about, I've been there, done that."

I don't feel special, but I do feel different. Yes, I mean different in both ways, that the feelings I'm going through are new to me and different than what I've felt before, but also that I feel different from everyone else, that there aren't many like me out there. So, I will seek you out, if I have to spend the rest of my life searching blogs just to find other souls like me, souls who are noticing a change.

There is a soul that came out and found me recently, and I'm glad she found me. Her name is Desiree. This is the kind of friend I'd like to have living in my city. Just imagine the conversations we could have and the changes we could make if we could work together! Desiree wants to change the world! You go girl! Let's Change the World

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