Sunday, March 25, 2007

Dream Date March 25, 2007

First dream:

I am in a bus going somewhere. Outside the window there is an animal that looks like a kangaroo but has wings like a bat. Most of us cheer for the animal, clapping our hands and cheerfully yelling for the animal. However, a couple people boo the animal, one of them even yells "Boo" in a bullhorn. I feel sorry for the animal, and so I yell at the people who yelled boo at the animal. "How can you boo like that? It's an animal!"

Second dream:

This dream is best left in the private files.

Third dream:

I am a modern-day gladiator of sorts. I have to be tied-up to a wall before the fight. In one match, I am fighting a black woman with very short hair. She is very quick. So quick, in fact, that while we are fighting she has time to slap my backside once. I laugh after she does it, mostly in disbelief that she is so quick.


Mark said...

Interesting dreams! Hmmmmmmm...

Sophia said...

Yes, these three completely baffled me. Based on my dreams, I'd say some are important, and others are just mind junk.