Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Daydream, Real Dream, Lost in Thought?

Last night as I was getting ready to fall asleep, I landed in some sort of visualization. I do not know if it was a daydream or a real dream, all I know is that I was lost in the thought for a short while, but what is strange is that I was not asleep yet. It seemed so vivid that I am tempted to call it a dream. It's undoubtedly influenced by a movie we watched the other night, called "Eragon". Eragon is about dragons and dragon "riders".

Anyway, on to the dream:

Dragons and camels are working together as a team. (That's it.)

I don't know what it means. Dragons are mythical creatures, camels are not. How do the two go together?

I've thought a little on this, and just now the thought occured to me that ideas and thoughts that I once thought of as mythical are now combining with the real. They are mixing in such a fashion that what once was not real is now mixed in a solution with what is real, so much so that the real is now a new real. I hope that makes sense. It confuses even me, and I'm the one that typed it out.


Anonymous said...

Well, at least you could tell them apart. Anyway, dragons will fly you across the desert of life without too much difficuties and you end up looking back at what you have missed. Camels will carry thru the sands of pain and suffering but you will have to endure the journey. And you know what that means? Palm trees and dates.

Anonymous said...

About dragons and camels cooperating. Well, sometimes you need to escape from time to time.

Sophia said...

Hi Anonymous, I'm almost on the edge of not being able to tell fiction from fact, but not quite over the edge. :)

These are some very wise words. I may be talking to a wise man or woman and not even know it!

If I had my choice, I'd choose the camel, to carry me through instead flying me across, that way I'll feel as though I've earned what I've received. I'd rather gain than be given. When I pay for something with hard work, I feel more thankful for what I've received.

By the way, I love palm drees!

Anonymous said...

Wise choice! You'll get the dates too. But watch out for desert worms. Don't try to eat them. ;>)

Sophia said...

Hey, it's really funny that you mention worms. A couple hours ago, I was outside walking. The ground was still wet from a recent rain, and there was a worm trying to cross the road. I tried to rescue it but I couldn't grasp it with my fingers and I didn't want to squish it, so I just let it go on its own way and hoped it made it across the road without getting ran over. Don't laugh. Worms need love, too.

Sophia said...

Oh my! I posted that last post unknowingly at 1:11.


Anonymous said...

Papilionophobia? If I am not mistaken.

Anonymous said...

Ok, you may eat the worms.

Sophia said...

I don't think I could eat one, not even if I was a contestant on one of those Survivor t.v. shows and one million dollars was at stake.