Friday, March 16, 2007

Allan Moffatt's Angel Poems

my heart
has tender desires
that come back,
to Rest

even in the sea spray,
the dolphin's jump
and the camel's lope
I see you,

(Reprinted with permission)

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More than a year ago I ran into Allan Moffatt on the internet while browsing through spiritual blogs. What I saw was a page that radiated light and colors, wonder and beauty. I asked Allan to write a poem for me, and to draw an angel drawing. I don't know what process he goes through to write these poems, but I think he channels an angel named Raphael to write them. This is the poem he wrote for me back in November of 2005:

There’s a sun always shining in this heart of mine.
It makes the roses bloom; it makes the sky clear.

No-one knows the trouble I’ve seen
nor the heartbreak
I’ve felt
in all the world.

Trans - muter.

When I first read this, I knew that Allan was somehow divinely inspired. This poem was me! Even reading it one year and four months later I still feel awe-struck at how much this poem speaks about me, and it gives me chills.

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