Saturday, March 17, 2007

Astral Book, Dreams from March 17, 2007 and Getting in Touch with Others

In order to get my mind off number 11, I have decided to distract myself with something else, and that something else is the study of astral projection. I gave in last night and opened the book that I got from the library, even though I'm in the middle of another book.

I slept all day today, with the exception of eating breakfast and lunch. It is now 6:12pm, just a minute ago it was 6:11pm, and I looked at the clock the very second that it changed from 6:10 to 6:11pm as if to emphasize the fact that I'm supposed to see the 11. If that is not enough, this morning I awoke for a brief while, just in time to glance at the clock and see 9:11am. This morning I opened the book to a random page in order to find where I had last left off. The page that I accidentally opened it to was page 11.

I am not depressed again. That is not my reason for sleeping all day. The reason that I slept all day is that the astral projection book calls for a week of dream recall before I can move on to the next level, which is called "Awareness". As the book is due back to the library on April 4th, I don't have a week to spare. The book specifically states that the reader should not read on until they have accomplished the exercises. So, I slept today so that each time I awoke I could instantly take action to recall my dreams. The book says that upon awakening in the morning, the reader should not move an inch. Instead, upon awakening, the reader should get into the feeling of the last dream, so that it can assist in the recall of the dream's story. This is a habit one must get into. Usually in the morning I am prone to laying in bed after turning off the alarm clock. I lay there and just shift positions in a groggy state for a while until my husband forces me out of the bed.

These are the dreams I have remembered from today. The first dream is from waking up first thing this morning, and I hardly remember any of it. The second dream is just bits and pieces of images I recall after waking up the second time. The third dream is just a vocal remnant. The fourth dream is more of a story line that I was better able to recall after waking up the third time.

First dream:

I am in a museum of sorts, where they show life-size models of a creature that looks like the creature from the black lagoon. I buy a small model as a souvenir. There is a little tag on it that says, "This creature started off in Maryland, but ended up in New York."

Second dream:

I see hamsters in a cage. One bites the hand of the handler of the cage, which I think is a child.

I remember seeing Jack Nicholson sitting in a chair, and by him on the bed was a baby that was sitting up and looking at me. I asked Jack, "Is that Stephanie? I hardly recognized her!" The baby resembles a young woman named Stephanie that I knew in the dream; it was as though she regressed back to a baby.

In another part of the dream, I ask my mother to pick up my friend Josslyn. (Josslyn was my best friend in high school.) She needs a ride to our house and her own mother can't bring her. I get the impression that we're going to a bar, and I am making Kool-Aid to put into a thermos to bring with us. I search for an appropriate thermos.

Third dream:

I am half awake/half asleep. I hear myself singing the same words over and over again. The words are, "La vita, la vita, la vita, la vita, la vita" and on and on.....

Fourth dream:

I live across a small field from my boss. My toilet is outside, and is surrounded by light bushes, not many bushes to provide much privacy. I go to the bathroom on the toilet and worry that my boss/neighbor can look out his window and see me. I flush and hear the toilet and then I go to wash my hands in the sink that is also outside.

In another part of the dream, my boss has hired me to do some physical labor. I am supposed to use a shovel to remove parts of his wooden deck so that nothing but the dirt beneath is showing, in order that the next day or so he may install some concrete for a driveway.

Next, I am inside his house, which is like a pool of sewage. I swim/climb around in the sewage doing clean-up work, grabbing parts of dressers and trinket boxes and jewelry that has fallen into the sewage. I find a trinket box and take it to his wife. She seems a little disappointed that I have found it in the sewage because the box meant a lot to her. She says, "That is the little box he got me for our anniversary."
I'm proud of myself for remembering three dreams. I think I am ready to move on to the next phase of the book.

I found it interesting that the book mentioned Dr. Charles T. Tart, who is a parapsychologist that I got in touch with at one phase of my journey. My purpose for getting in touch with him was to ask if he had any tips for me that could help induce Exceptional Human Experiences. The book mentions him to describe his capacity in the field of research into "lucid dreaming, astral projection, ESP, and the psychedelic effects of LSD and marijuana." In particular, the book mentions an experiment he did with astral projection, in which a girl named "Miss Z" left her body to read a five-digit number on a wall. When she awoke, she reported the number "25132", which was correct.

The book also talks about Greek, Egyptian, Biblical and Tibetan ideas of a subtle body, as well as gives hopeful descriptions of what the future might be like with the use of the tool of astral projection. We think we have it good with the Internet and email? Wait until astral projection becomes common knowledge. Just think then how we will be able to communicate!

If anyone is interested in following along and joining me in my self-education of astral projection, pick up John Magnus's Astral Projection and the Nature of Reality. We can work together.

Yesterday I placed some ads on Craigs List. I am going around to the most highly populated cities on the list and placing ads titled, "Synchronicity, 11:11 and More...." My purpose for doing this is to place myself in contact with others who may currently be going through the same thing I am. I have received some very interesting responses, which may lead to some thought-provoking discussions. (Aside from the one or two I got that said something like, "Tell me more and give me your phone number so I can call you.") I know Craigs List well enough to know that even when placing ads in the Plantonic Only section, men will still try to use the list in the hopes of having a sexual rendezvous. Having said that, I'd like to say that I see nothing wrong with carrying on on the telephone. I just expect that I know the purpose of the telephone call is to talk about one of the subjects as seen on my blog. I have talked to one or two of my blog readers, and maybe someday I'll talk to more. It's nice to have a voice connection, at least until we advance enough to speak telepathically. :)

I apologize for making this post unbearably long. I hope I have not brought any of you to boredom. If you've managed to read this far, congratulations! you have read the longest post to date on my blog.


bob-the-goat said...

Jack Kerouac recorded his dreams for quite some time. He would scribble them down the moment he awoke. He believed that the longer you were awake before you wrote down your dream the more inaccurate the written version would become as the consciousness encroaches on the dream and begins to edit it, add logic, symbolism and emphasis which might not have been in the body of the dream itself. I think Kerouac's book was called Dream Book. It's probably still in print.

I enjoyed your dreams and have the sense that you know what they mean. Dreams are a personal language filled with history, problematics
and distilled solution. Thanks.

Puzzled Woeman said...

Thanks for your input, Bob! I do enjoy reading Kerouac. I read Dharma Bums a year or so ago and really enjoyed it. I'll have to look and see if I can find Dream Book, which I didn't know he wrote.

I think it's nice that you thank me for posting my dreams. To know that someone enjoys them that much makes me feel good and happy. Thank you for enjoying them. :)