Thursday, August 21, 2008

Volunteer Experience at Animal Rescue Sanctuary

Today was a very memorable experience for me at the animal rescue farm that I volunteered at. It started off with the cleaning of the stables, mainly shoveling horse manure and putting down new shavings for the floor in most of the stalls. I was surrounded by animals - roosters, chickens, horses, guineas, colts, mules, donkeys, dogs, cats and kittens, lamas, squirrels, deer, baby goats (even a fainting goat!). The man that runs the place lives in an RV on the property with his wife. He is in his 60s and reminds me of an old hippy. He was wearing a tie-dye t-shirt, had white hair and a beard and mustache. He said to me, "C'mon hon, you can help me feed the baby goats." So into a stall we went, he gave me some bottles of warm milk and I fed a baby goat - one of three. He is what's known as a "fainting goat". Never had I heard of fainting goats, before. Before the feeding, the fawn and baby goats were crying for the food. It was a very special moment for me to hear the fawn suckling from the bottle I held, as well as the baby goat. I told him it's the first time I'd ever experienced feeding farm animals (and deer).

Not only was this a good experience for me, as it got me out of the house and into participating in physical activity, it was also a very personally rewarding experience to help animals in need. I told them I'd be back, and they said they could use the extra help. So, this may become a regular weekly project.

Here are some photos and videos of today's adventure:

See for photos.


jim said...

I looked at them, very interesting, good looking horses and such, a real change from a regular city lifestyle, good for you I bet, hope you keep it up now and then if not moreso.

Thanks Sophia.

Sophia said...

I am looking forward to returning to do some more work. Being around all the critters has been a wonderful experience for me. I may be working for them, but they're working for me in a sense as they are like therapy.

I've been really reconnecting with nature the past few weeks. It's been almost four years since we've been good friends. We were very close before, and I believe it will be easy for me to form that bond again.