Thursday, August 21, 2008

Two Trees, One Root

Two trees, one root.
One soul, two bodies.
(Photo borrowed from HSIN.)


Anonymous said...

Very Nice. :O)

One Heart, many reflections.

Global brain Don said...

Where our ranch meets the Guadalupe River there is a large willow on the bank that fell over and rooted on both ends and now looks like a bridge. It has several branches growing straight up that are like trees themselves now (the fractal effect). I'd include a pic but you know from a couple of years ago I just don't take many photos.

donstockbauer aatt

jim said...

Very nice.

Sophia said...

A friend of mine uses the following Aristotle quote in his email signature:

"Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies."

Don, do you have a digital camera? Perhaps your wife has one?

don said...

Actually, we do, I got her an I-phone a while back. She's taken a lot of pics with it but we haven't downloaded any yet to the PC, but we could (and will obviously have to eventually).

There are a variety of pics on the PC from the wedding etc etc from a lot of sources.

If you and your husband are ever down this way you could come out and see the cattle and deer and trees ad birds, sounds like you enjoy all that from your post about the animal rescue facility.

donstockbauer aatt

Sophia said...

Don, that's very nice of you. It's likely we'll be going to Houston next month. But we're only going to be gone for three days and two nights. We were going to go to NYC but the sweepstakes sponsor changed plans on us. :(

Maybe your wife could let you borrow the phone long enough to take a picture of the willow tree? By the way, the past week I've been admiring all the willows in my neighborhood, wishing I had one.

I'd love to see some photos from your wedding.

Don said...

Well, the invite is open from here on out, a long time.

I’ll work towards getting you a pic of the double rooted
willow and a wedding pic or 2.

Hofstadter in his latest book “I am a Strange Loop” says
a lot about one soul in two bodies. Well worth reading.

donstockbauer aatt

Sophia said...

Don, looking forward to seeing some visuals!

Don said...

I'll make the pics a project that I'll have to work at slowly since I don't normally do that.

Sophia said...


No hurry, take your time and only send them if you want to.