Saturday, August 2, 2008

Internet Explorer Crashes

Jim told me last night that he was having problems trying to access this blog. He said Internet Explorer would crash anytime he tried to load the page. I mistakenly assumed that something was wrong with his computer or software and had him download and install Firefox, which worked fine for him on this blog. This morning I received some emails from Mossy, and he was having the same problems. He asked if I had any new gadgets on my site. I did some Google searches and have found out that one of my widgets had changed its code which has caused the problem temporarily, so I removed the widget entirely until I find out that they have repaired their code. Hopefully everyone can get back on my blog.

Thanks guys for making me aware of the problem. I apologize to everyone who had to put up with that.


jim said...

Whatever a 'widget' is, lol???

Anyway, I have two to choose from now IE and FF, and now IE is working here, so you did fix it, thanks.

Good to see you back Sophia, always good!

Sophia said...

Widgets are fun little toys you can add to your blog, like clocks, weather forecasts, recent comments (like I have on the left side) and hundreds of other things.

I've been using Firefox for a couple years now and I only use IE when I want to have two different gmail accounts open at the same time.

I've been worried about you because lately you've sounded kind of angry on your blog.

jim said...

Anger, on my blog? Well, that is work for you, lol, gets you hot sometimes. Anyway it is not really personal anger, it is more professional anger, necessary to get the job done.

Thanks for the clue on widgets, now I know.

Firefox is working better for some things, IE for someothers, I am just kind of playing with them at present, don't know what will stick. Sure appreciate the referral tho Sophia, I had a newpaper site that wouldn't open right in IE that works great in FF.

Glad you got yours fixed.

Sophia said...

I was just wondering if you were arguing with the angels. It seems they get you worked up sometimes. It just felt to me as if you were fighting against some force.

jim said...

Well that is true Sophia, angelic forces that use humans in ways not conducive to progress in the right directions. You are right they do irritate me sometimes.

But they respond to seriousness controlled by laughter, so that is something of my technique. It works, I believe.

But I do get into arguments even with G-d himself sometimes, causing me usually to breakthru some barrier or other that has gotten in my way. G-d fully understands humans, and of course those angels too.

All in a days work, lol.

Cookiemouse said...

Firefox is the better browser. Lately I've also been using
Flock which is a great browser for social networking.

Sophia said...

When I think of angels I think of purity. This could be impressed upon me by my early background in Christianity. Why would they want to use humans?

Sophia said...


I've been trying to proselytize and turn Jim into a Firefox convert, but he is putting up resistance! ;)

If I do anymore Internet socializing, I'm going to turn into a butterfly.

jim said...

Firefox 3 to the rescue!, LOL, outruns IE everytime!

It is more like this, the humans submit to the angels, the angels then run away with the humans, all go into the woods and get lost among the trees.

Humans came first, then angels, angels were made to support the humans, but like I said, the humans fell under the spell of the angels, hence you think they are sweet darlings. Not so, they are more like automatons, but they have heads that can be quite wonderful, like Michael, et al.

Siegfried said...

I had this experience with angels a long time ago. At least it's something I imagined. When the mind starts believing in these things. Very little or very limited experience and knowledge, of course.
But I don't trust personalized forces including God. Abraham's Friend and household gods. Moses' Lawgiver. Jesus' Father in Heaven and on Earth. The Holy Spirit.
Being a Servant instead of being a Master.
I think Shakespeare's Prospero was doing a better job.
Or Alladin with his Genie.
I don't trust Allah.

Siegfried said...

I meant personal God or gods not personlized. But they could be.

Sophia said...

Always just us trying to make God in our image.