Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ego, the Martyr

What is happiness without Ego?

In a comment just now, I mentioned that to some extent Ego - used to communicate with others - is necessary for survival.

The question is, is survival necessary?

If we came to mass enlightenment, all egos would disappear. Therefore all communication would disappear, since ego is necessary for communication with others. When mass enlightenment occurs, would this mean the extinction of mankind?

When mankind disappears, what will the insects' and animals' souls evolve to, given that the level of consciousness of mankind is higher than that of insects and animals?


jim said...

I am satisfied, Sophia, with the fact that Spirit is only, fully, and without qualification or quantification, COMMUNICATION.

In the whole of the universe, in the whole of the earth, nothing exists BUT many various forms and dresses of COMMUNICATION, it is what is happening CONSTANTLY and never ending.

Hence maybe your questions answer themselves.

If not and you want it, I will give you my slant on those questions.

Alexander M Zoltai said...

Many spiritual traditions record the ability to communicate, more clearly than with the mind and ego, by heart-to-heart connection...

~ Alex

Anonymous said...

Perhaps an alternative to "communication" will be being together internally.

It seems that ego is mostly necessary for the survival of its self. For some reason, at present we find ourselves in an illusury world, in an illusury self. It seems likely to me that something can, under certain circumstances, survive the ego.

I have problems with drinking too. For years I could not drink anythig. Then when I started again I set my self a strict limit to not drink more than one drink a day. It has been working for many years now. (Of course I loose count on rare occasions.) :o)

Global Brain Don said...

I think it's the other way around.. Humans are developing more and more ways to communicate, and this very fact causes transcendence, us uniting into a single living being. We don't lose our egos, they remain, it's just that all these communication channels allow us to combine our egos. And most of it is beyond our control, being shaped by self-organization, just as atoms group into molecules, or stars into galaxies.

jim said...

I think the image of human beings as automatons or herd animals without power, should be discouraged and discarded.

Siegfried said...

There is only Ego. I AM. The rest is nothingness.
But I don't believe in egoism for its own sake. I practice practical egoism. As well as practical egolessness.

Sophia said...

Do you think all these expressions are just God talking to Himself?

Kinda lonely, isn't it?

Jim, sure, I want to hear your slant on it.

Sophia said...


I believe you're right. It would just be more comforting and reassuring if the mind knew that that is what is for sure going on. Or if there was some way to telepathically be aware of these heart-to-heart communications.

Sophia said...

At least we know that the heart is in charge, because if it weren't, the ego wouldn't be forced to seek out its own demise.

So how do ego-less people get on in the world? They can't talk, since to talk requires thought. They can't drive, since driving requires thought. Everything requires thought so there is no way that there exists someone in this world that has no sign of Ego.

I don't really have a problem with drinking. It's just something new I'm trying out, to see if it really helps or not. It is very relaxing.

Sophia said...

Global Brain,

Do you remember that discussion we had a couple years ago about my idea of chips being inserted into brains to allow for electronic telepathy?

Sophia said...

I remember a movie I saw a few years ago. I made a post about it on my old blog.


Jim probably remembers that post.

No Ego, no feeling. I need ego, yet I WANT enlightenment.

Sophia said...


That's probably how it's done by the great Masters. They've achieved egolessness but they use ego when they need to or want to. Do you think I'm right about this?

jim said...

I remember, I know it is you that you portray in the post, great consistency dear heart.

I'll give you the slant on the questions shortly.

serenity said...

Thank you for stopping by and for adding your voice and insight at my site. I'm glad it got me to click through to meet you here.

I agree that teachers and teaching opportunities exist in many places, even on the Internet. Discernment, I think, is key.

jim said...

My conception of Spirit as All forms and languages of Communication, and, also, the content of that communicating, the content is itself, ie, Spirit, ie, All communications forms, we of it, talk about it, in some manner or another. The manners are languages or language stratas. Like the language Zotl uses to teach growth (his idea of it) is one strata of communication by language, one mode of expressing the same thing all others are expressing.

The thing is this, some stratas of communication, and its form of 'spirit' ie communicating itself, are more feeble and less effective than others...hence, some stratas are less longlived and less functional to the whole, bad servants as it were.

Each person grows thru these stratas of language spirits, some we might spend more time expressing before going on to another, some we might skip, etc.

Besides the human, there are the same thing in the 'kingdoms' with us, like animal stratas, insect stratas, bird stratas, fish and water stratas, etc. Each strata has creature styles and forms, each with its own variation of the language.

Besides these creature kingdom stratas, there are mineral ones and these might include as reversed fields, force stratas, like electricity, atomic power, static electricity, even fields of forces undiscovered.

As to the mass enlightenment, that would mean the complete effectiveness without waste, of each and every strata in every mode of existence native to our planet, then it would apply to stratas existing in universe.

Nothing really disappears, it changes stratas, some language stratas of this self-communicating thing, become absorbed and active in another.

Souls, in this strata language Communicative Spiritual scheme are the mediums that the languages are expressions of.

To get at the concept of God and his or its loneliness, maybe one could think that what we were just expressing and communicating, exists as a field, and the field contains matter and all the forms of expression and languages. Then the field of it, had to be or come from somewhere, that somewhere would be God, so that God had to cause the field, best we know is that fields are caused by vibrating cores of some sort which set up opposites to itself, and which then surrounds itself with a field that is not it, but exists in company with that first core vibration. Hence in that case, how could he be lonely, he is surrounded with the universe and has us all communicating to him our experience of being around him. Lonely, more like frustrated and pissed off, lol, all this bickering we do in his face, lol.

Well Sophia, I tried, hope you don't doze off reading it, lol, love to you always.

Siegfried said...

There are no Masters. Only Great Pretenders.
Anyone who thinks is a Master is no Master. Anyone who worships a No-Master is an Idolater and Blasphemer. Punishable by death. By stoning or crucifixion. ;-)

Siegfried said...

Followers and Slaves create their own Masters. And then suffer from Existencial Nausea.

Anonymous said...

you have never driven from point a to point b without remembering how?

driving does not require thought.

in fact, the only good driving you will EVER do is instinctive.

by that i mean, if you're to survive accidents.

jim said...

Sophia, ultimately what all that said, is that we each, in our own language sort, focus as best we can, our particular expression of our take on life and its stuff.

All languages say the very same things. There is not much real variety in the whole itself, just made to seem so by unfocusing of these many languages. Once focused, they all say ONE thing.

Anonymous said...

the only thing discernment is key to is suffering.

ask eve if you don't believe the apple.

Anonymous said...

i say jim is an asshole.

but for some reason, he'll say that is NOT the 1 thing.

go figure.

Sophia said...

Jim is not an asshole.

Why do you think that?

Jealousy, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

let me revise that.

i am an asshole.

jim is more of a jerk.

Sophia said...

Hi Serenity,

I wish I had known about you all this time.

I will definitely be back to see you some more.

Anonymous said...

yes, maybe between the 2 of you holding hands, you won't have to ask me these trivial questions anymore.

Sophia said...

Why do you think Jim is a Jerk?

Name one thing.

Like I told you, Jim was there for me when I needed him, and I know that he'll always be there if and when I need him, and he's never asked for anything from me.

jim said...

And what that ONE thing is, ultimately, is, I AM the speaker of my point, ie, I AM.

He or She who knows that knows all.
All that is but the millions of words in which that can be said, so we spend our time learning different ways of saying it.

Ultimately, again though, there is a real major Head Voice, a Best Way of Saying I AM, and that would be the simplest and most absolutely efficient way of saying it, without deceit intended, without vanity, without ego, without needing anything but your own self in connection and communication FAIRLY and RIGHTLY with all others.

Sophia said...

Holding hands doesn't have to be sexual or romantic.

michael bardan said...

let me spell something out for you:

the day i'd look for validation to ANYONE outside myself, i'd hang up the hat, but the day i'd look to jimmy boy here to validate my being, i would take a shotgun, fill it up with triple ought buckshot, climb on the golden gate, jump AND shoot my face off going down, THEN live as superman and helen keller combined.

does that explain the degree of vomit the spiritual accomplishment of jim amounts to me?

Sophia said...

Jim is aware, which is a lot more than you or I could say about most people.

He doesn't claim to be a teacher. I've asked him several times in 2005 to be my teacher.

I don't understand why you dislike him so much. What has he done to you?

Anonymous said...

always like never is a really long time for all intents of purposes useless to you.

i can think of one day soon when old geezer jim is dead.

who's gonna be there for you then?

his higher self?


Anonymous said...

the only thing jim is aware of is this comments section.

as far as i'm concerned, he's worse than a bunch of text, he's actually a puff of smoke reflected in an lcd screen.

Sophia said...

He doesn't need a physical body to always be there for me.

Anonymous said...

so let me get this straight, if i say jim's an asshole, that means i dislike whoever typed that box of text labeled jim?

also, if i say i'd rather take my face off and live paraplegic than be taught whatever this jim text can teach, that means like or dislike, i'm getting so confused by your line of reasoning, i wonder if i'll be able to type another comment in another box ever...

Sophia said...

If this is Zen, I know now why I didn't choose that path.

Anonymous said...

okay, let us continue down this line of bullshit.

let us assume jim is an asura or deva or whatever formless realm piece of shit wants to route through this comment box...

now what?

forever remains a very, very, very long time?

you want him as teacher eternally?

Anonymous said...

not all paths lead to forever, my sleeping doll.

careful because when you sell your "soul" to "jim" forever, it's not as easy to redeem it for $5 like bart simpson did.

Sophia said...

The Teacher will find me.

Sophia said...

I didn't sell my soul to anyone. It's not up for sale.

Besides, I don't even think the devil would want my soul.

Anonymous said...

fret not, there is no soul, so no redeeming needed either.

did you learn enough hebrew to converse with brother jim sinai here?

you know.

heart to heart


mother tongue?

what of the fatherland, then?

michael bardan said...

well then you better bow down now and forget all that jim's taught you, because our profiles had the same question, only mine is a slightly better answer, thus i say unto you:

i am your teacher.

Sophia said...

How do you know whether or not there is a soul?

I didn't have the self-discipline necessary to learn Hebrew.

Sophia said...

It takes more synchronicity than that.

Anonymous said...

you better pray there isn't 1.

and why?

imagine the kind of tortures i'd be able to show you if i put a force field around your "energy being" that is so advanced because omg it doesn't have a [insert that stupid tolle teaching here] PAIN BODY.

Sophia said...

Besides that, my Teacher will know my soul.

Sophia said...

You don't believe in a soul so you wouldn't have the knowledge necessary to do such a thing.

michael bardan said...

you can't be taught, because you talk before you listen.

Anonymous said...

i don't, you do!

Sophia said...

I will listen when there is a bond of trust.

Anonymous said...

are you so confused you're under the impression i asked you to listen?

Sophia said...

I didn't say I'd listen to you.

Anonymous said...

1st off, you don't have a choice, but to listen.

what your "neo-cortex" tells you listening is, most definitely is not listening.

how about the bond of trust between you and that cat you're holding in the avatar?

Sophia said...

You wouldn't know about that bond of trust between her and me because you don't believe in the human soul, so you definitely wouldn't believe that animals have souls.

Global Brain Don said...

I think the image of human beings as automatons or herd animals without power, should be discouraged and discarded.

It's possible for humans to group into a whole without becoming like herd animals. The effect is similar to team sports. Each person is still an individual with all their attributes, it's just that by forming a team one gets the synergism of that. And if it occurs with all 6 billion people on Earth, then you've got some team.


Do you remember that discussion we had a couple years ago about my idea of chips being inserted into brains to allow for electronic telepathy?

Yes, but that might not be necessary. Our present communication channels and crude controls may very well be doing the unification for us now, before anybody tries to implant any chips. Just my opinion. See:

The Social Superorganism and its Global Brain


donstockbauer aatt hotmail.com

michael bardan said...

promise me this, if you're too proud to bow, that you'll never listen to a teacher that your cat doesn't curl up to & purr:z!

enough for 1 day, i'm off, so if you need to have a last w0rd, please email.

qbitty said...

i conpurrrrrrrrr.........

Sophia said...

Another pseudonym? You're confusing. This now makes three.

I just read the new post you made on your blog.

You are obviously either a teenager or at least under 21. You haven't had enough time to make real spiritual growth.

Keep looking, though. There's a whole lifetime ahead of you. A whole lifetime of making mistakes and learning from them. Trust me on that one!

jim said...

Sophia, just in case I didn't say so, I left a comment at Serenity's blog, that I would not read comments by Z., waste of my time. If anyone should think something was said of interest to me, let me know and I will check it out.

We all know where the delete button is, so it shouldn't be a problem.

Love to all, seriously.

jim said...

GBD, I was talking about the power of humans, each, relative to the direction and nature of the whole, not inside a pocket serving other humans with no directional or important overhead sayso.

Sophia said...


He's struggling to ignore the love we feel for him. :)

Some people take it and others try to squirm away from it.

My guess is he is jealous of you because you have all us women seeking wisdom from you. Heheheeee... just teasing.

jim said...

Lol, Sophia, good luck with that, lol. What is mine is yours.

Sophia said...

Jim, thank you for your explanation on communication. Some of it I grasped, and some might just have to wait until I'm more advanced. :)

I remember a comment you made on Goatman's blog a year or so ago, about ducks, I think, or birds, talking or singing but being expressions of God.

jim said...

Well, thanks for remembering that, I had forgotten about it, but you are surely right! And it is important to me, very important to me Sophia, thanks a lot!

I was sitting in the studio late one night with all the doors wide open. Some cats had grouped right outside one door, they were carrying on as cats do when mating opportunity arises, there were several males from the sound of it and maybe less females. I got to listening closely to their voices and thier differences. Inside two voices, I heard an underlying continuum of vibrations, sounds, under the normally heard schreeching sounds of territorial threatenings. This underlying continuum carried almost word like variations, in various rhythmic tonations much like a human voice speaking words with a purpose behind them. I listened carefully and heard it in both of the male voices, I felt, felt, like I could almost understand it, like it was making sense and important, an important discussion of matters relative to the oversound schreechings of the usual sort cats are heard by us to make.

I noticed this overlaid thing taking place under another creatures normally heard sounds, I think it was some birds, their schreechings or threatenings on the surface masked a discussion of import in a somewhat different language underneath them.

Strange, haven't heard it like that since, but will start paying attention again. I said at the time that it indicated to me that the creatures were far more aware and were more explicitly communicative than we think.

See what it means to me? Thanks for remembering and mentioning it Sophia.

That Spirit/Communication stuff is good, sinks in over time, don't rush understanding it, it will be something for you or not as your needs are.