Monday, August 4, 2008

Metaphysical Church

I've been receiving emails from the local School of Metaphysics, and recently received one about a metaphysical church that is very close to me. I had no idea that such a church was nearby until now. I just emailed someone to get more information about it, as I would like to start attending. I may also start spending time with the school.


jh said...

a metaphysical church
by definition
would be pretty hard
to walk into


crallspace said...

Lol JH.

I saw a metaphysical church in Virginia and I wonder if it's like the Unitarian Universalist church at all.

I'd be interested to hear your findings. Shoot me a comment if you ever post anything about it.

Sophia said...

I received an email from someone at the School of Metaphysics. He said that they only occasionally have services at the church but that he would email me when they have more.

The most disappointing thing was finding out that their classes at the school are presently more than I can afford.

I've wanted to go to a Unitarian Universalist church. My friend Chris goes to one, and even works in the nursery, and she's invited me to attend with her. It's just so far away from where I live, though there is another in the city nearby. I'm just afraid of going alone.

For some reason, going to church alone seems as lonely as eating alone in a restaurant. Although I know I shouldn't feel that way since the point is to be with God. What better company is there than that? Maybe if God talked to me or answered my questions I'd know He was there, but mostly it seems like He is a figment of my imagination. Could be He's not a personal God. In that case, He wouldn't even know I was worshipping Him. Would He?

But if we're all God, would I be worshipping or would I just be bowing down to the sacredness of everything?