Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dream Date August 10, 2008

I was sitting in a booth in a bar and restaurant when the waiter delivered our food to us. He spilled a bowl of hot contents - sauce, I think - all over the beautiful expensive black dress I was wearing. I was worried first of all about getting burned, but I wasn't. I stood up, angry. It was all over my hair, too. He started to wipe off some of the sauce with a washcloth he had with him but when the washcloth was completely soaked he walked away. I stood there waiting for him to return to finish cleaning me, and when he didn't I left the booth in a fury looking for the manager. I found him in the bar and I began to angrily say to him, "You owe me $200 for the dress and the hair style!"

After this experience I went out into the entrance room that leads to the restaurant where the hostess was standing. It was a very large airy room with high white ceilings. I looked up at the ceiling and sang high soprano notes with a lot of vibrato. My body vibrated intensely as the sound waves moved through me.When I was finished, the hostess looked and me and said, "I like your voice." I modestly laughed and said, "Thank you but it's not really that great. I just wanted to sing to feel the vibrations."


jim said...

Talk about synch....I wonder....?

Interesting Sophia.

Sophia said...

"Synch" as in it is related to your blog post about the vibrations of "Z"?