Sunday, August 24, 2008

Synchronicity Journal August 23, 2008

I don't normally go shopping, simply because it's just not something I enjoy. I am not your average female (i.e. no fashionable wardrobe, no closet full of shoes, no collection of make-up). Yesterday, for the first time in a year or more, I went shopping for jeans. I only went because Old Navy was advertising a sale on jeans for one day only, $12 per pair! So I bought two of them.

Later last night, a friend of mine sent me an email letting me know about a sweepstakes which included information about an auction for a pair of celebrity jeans. He had no idea that I went shopping for jeans.


Bob said...

Strange co-incidences do happen. However it's easy to get carried away. There are so many events in our lives that sooner or later something will happen that might suggest that synchronicity is at work.

I think the real question is, not whether synchronicity is at work, but whether higher powers are trying to teach us something.

Best wishes!

Sophia said...

Some synchronicities are stronger than others, meaning, that the relationship between the two or more events are stranger than even the simplest synchronicities. Sometimes it seems as if there was prophetic influences involved, but, of course I don't think this until retrospect after the second event, so I wouldn't know a prophecy if I saw one.

I have also wondered if higher powers were using them to teach me something or to just get my attention.

Even though usually I am unable to interpret the meaning of the synchronicities, they at least prove to me the divine connection of all things and events.