Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dream Date August 12, 2008 part b

Dream 1:

I was bent over a sink, laying my head upon the marble top. I was naked. A doctor walked up to me and started to wrap some device around me that was supposed to monitor my heart. I fought the doctor, yelling, "I'm not sick! Leave me alone!" I was moving around trying to get out of his grasp when another man came and assisted the doctor in getting a hold of me. He grabbed my arms and held them together, then I was pushed onto a stretcher. I was kicking my legs but the man grabbed my feet.

Dream 2:

The friend I went hiking with on Friday and I were going to an ice cream shop. Nearby there was an amusement park and fair. We were getting a snack at the shop and then headed across the street to stand in line to get in the fair. The line was long and the park was supposed to close in a little while. I was getting nervous that we wouldn't make it into the park before it closes. I was putting quarters into my black leather jacket's right pocket. (In real life I once owned a black leather jacket.) We made it into the park and we quickly went inside to the fair. I was in a hurry to get to a book sale. There were people everywhere. One man was pushing someone around in a wheelchair and he kept trying to run over me and push me out of the way. I said, "Don't you know how to say excuse me?" But he continued to push me away with the wheelchair.

The dream scene switched. The perspective was through a window in a log cabin at night. The time period seems to be different, like that of the old west. Two people were sitting next to each other in the candlelight. It was the rude man from above and me. I affectionately patted his arm and placed my head next to his and closed my eyes.

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