Saturday, August 9, 2008


I suppose politics used to be men's discussion, but these days it has become almost anyone's. I once felt I should teach myself politics just so I could engage in intelligent conversation, but I have since felt less of a need to conform.

I am becoming physically active again, and will soon regain the beautiful body and face I had a few years ago. Today, for instance, I went hiking with my oldest friend, a girl I went to college with who took math classes with me. She is now an 8th grade math teacher. We don't see each other so often these days because she had to move more than an hour and a half away. We used to live just a walk's distance, but those days are gone. After our hike we came home and walked one of the dogs. Then my sister came over and we went swimming. Not long after my mother and her boyfriend came over and all of us had a big dinner.

I'm going to start dancing again. Regularly. The endorphins will feel intoxicating.

After I lose the weight I gained during depression, I will be social again.

The idea occurred to me today that even as I've desperately sought a teacher I could call my own, everyone who visits my blog and comments is my teacher. Just look at all the wisdom scattered throughout the comments in the archives.


rob said...

This sounds very positive.

Good on you!

jim said...

Sophia, I second what Rob said!

Good on you!

Sophia said...

Thanks, guys. :)