Friday, August 8, 2008

Buy Realization

Everything on this page sounds like what I'm after:

But then when I click on a link at the bottom of the page it takes me to some big guru who looks like he might live in a giant mansion or something.

Everyone wants money and that's the one thing I don't have.


Anonymous said...

"Of all the things I haven't got, I like gold the best".

Elmer Fudd said that.

jim said...

You'll make it, forget it.

Sophia said...


Are you the same person that posted the Woody Allen quote? If so, you must have a good memory. I have a difficult time remembering the things I say, let alone what someone else says. ;)

Sophia said...


Glad to see you've made it home safe and sound.

I like your attitude.

Siegfried said...

I wouldn't call Jzs stupid in order to follow any of these masters.
I guess we hate freedom because we think it means worldliness and hedonism.

Siegfried said...

Spirituality has always a dark side: materialism. Which is really lack of appreciation for material things. Destruction of matter in favor of delusion of grandeur.

Siegfried said...

Cultivation of virtue leads to self-absorption. Self-absorption to megalomania.
Spiritual following and imitation doesn't lead to saintliness and perfection. Only hipocrisy. And hatred of the ordinary and the profane.

Anonymous said...


Yes, that was me.

i recently got a book of aphorisms.


Sophia said...


It's not just anyone that could be a true Master. It's not just anyone that I would follow. Just as I would have to earn their leadership, they'd have to earn my respect and admiration. Once I've reached a certain level of trust, respect and admiration, I have no problem. But I would have a problem with spiritually submitting to someone who so clearly is wrapped up in materialism.

The most spiritual people I know - who have earned my love, admiration and respect - are also the poorest people I know. They have no want of luxuries.

Sophia said...


hehehe... we're going to have to find a code name for you so that I can know it's you when you comment!