Saturday, August 2, 2008


I give up. This is too complicated but I did sing an a cappella song on my podcast blog. I can't do the mixing, but I don't need a new obsession (or distraction) right now anyway. :) Thanks for trying to help but I think my sound card is too basic.


Sophia said...

Your voice is so beautiful, Siegfried, and you chose a very meaningful song to me. Emotional movement!

Alexander M Zoltai said...


Where is this podcast?

I want to hear your voice!

~ Alex

Sophia said...


It's here:

Just keep your speakers turned down low because, 1. the file is a bit loud, and 2. my voice might scratch your ear drums. :) It's really not a very pleasant recording, but I sometimes walk around the house singing when I'm in a good mood.

Maybe the karaoke fever will rub off on you. I'd really like to hear you sing a tune, Alex!

Alexander M Zoltai said...

Sweet !!!

AS far as me singing, along with my muscles, hair, eyes, skin, and nervous system, my voice is still altered by the Hep C treatments. Maybe after I'm fully recovered . . .

OT, look into this:

Sophia said...

Do you think I expected perfection? Who am I to expect perfection! :) I just think that hearing someone's voice is like going to a whole new level. It adds an extra dimension.

I don't care if your voice is weak, skin is pale, eyes are yellow, hair is falling out or muscles are sagging. It's what is inside you that I care about. :)

Sophia said...

Oh! I almost forgot... I'm going to go read the link, now.

Sophia said...

Are you an Orwell fan?

I have Nineteen Eighty-Four but I've never read it.

What did this article mean to you? Is it about knowing someone through their writing?

Alexander M Zoltai said...

I think Orwell was an engaging and sensitive writer. And, I think the blog is about knowing someone through their writing.

The blog is going to reproduce his personal diaries... One day at a time...

Cool idea! Looking forward to some pondering . . .

~ Alex

Anonymous said...

I just heard the pod cast, (well some of it) and it is beautiful. Do not be discouraged by occasional pitch errors. I have these and I am able to work them out by listening to my recordings and making a mental note of where the pitch needs to be different. It is just a matter of learning how to hear. (or perhaps learning how to hear again in your case).

It is really easy to mix tracks on Audacity.

Siegfried said...

You got a very sensuous voice. That even a pious angel could not resist.
Very brave to sing acappella.
Perhaps the problem could be that you forgot to turn on the recorder. Which is the first thing you should do.
I think Windows XP has a built-in sound recorder. Most advanced computers have very good sound systems. I have a Soundblaster live 5.1 which is already outdated compared to the ones you have in better computers. See:

The other solution is to record or convert the midi or kar files into wav or mp3. And then mix it later with your voice.

midi to wav or mp3 conversion is very easy to do.
wav or mp3 to midi is a lot more difficult.

Sophia said...


I lost pitch frequently in that recording, but I enjoyed myself with this new computer karaoke toy. I used to frequent karaoke bars when I was younger, and I was always on stage singing some song or other, but usually I sang Madonna's "Like a Virgin" or "Material Girl". I really got a kick out of those two songs. :)

I'd become addicted to this if Audacity worked with midi files, so it's probably a good thing for me that it doesn't.

Sophia said...


Glad to know you think it's sensuous. I was worried that I still sounded like a teenage girl.

I really didn't sing A Cappella because in the background the midi file was playing, so I kind of cheated.

I believe you may have just found the solution. Since Audacity doesn't work with midi files, of course converting it into mp3 would make it work and then I could record my voice over the track. Brilliant!

My sound card is a SigmaTel Audio. Ever hear of it? I'm sure your Soundblaster is more advanced.

jim said...

I just listened to you Sophia, beautiful voice, so beautiful.

I wouldn't dare such a thing.

Where is the one with Siegfried singing?

Sophia said...


The audio file is on his profile page. It's the Beatles "Golden Slumbers". I think he has a new one on his blog, which I'm getting ready to download.

Mossy took a clip of the song I did and added his voice to it. I wish he'd let me share it! It's amazing. I'm going to try to do the same thing with Siegfried's song.

Jim, give it a try. C'mon! Drink a few glasses of wine first, then give it a shot. You know how wine has a way of decreasing inhibitions.