Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dream Dates August 17-19, 2008

My dreams the past few days have been vivid and quite graphic - sexual and horrific. I post these because I have been keeping track of my dreams for years, as you know. If you are at all sensitive to sexual or graphic material, please do not read these, but I've put them here in my journal so that I can remember them and ponder on their meaning. I don't know why I'm going through this phase. I do sometimes have sexual dreams but never so many in a row like this, especially mixed in with frightening images. I haven't posted all of them as some really are too personal and if I forget them that's OK with me.

Three days ago I dreamed that I was in a house that was quite chaotic, i.e. there were lots of unknown people around. I was frantically looking for my elderly cat, who in real life hides anytime someone is in my house. I was calling her name, when finally she came running out and jumped into my open arms. I held her and hugged her like a child would hold a teddy bear.

Two days ago I dreamed that I was flying in the sky while typing on a laptop. When I was on land someone commented that my hair was turning white, and I replied that it was because of my exposure to the sun and wind while flying.

(Warning: Graphic Dream) The same day, I dreamed that I was sitting in a lid to a cardboard box, like a dog, in someone's kitchen. A man was sitting beside me violently holding on to my bare legs and lifting them up while inserting his thumb roughly inside of me. At the same time he was growling and sucking on my left breast. He jammed his thumb in and out three times and I orgasmed while he covered my mouth. He said, "There, that wasn't so bad now, was it."

Today I dreamed that I was in a middle eastern country, the landscape was desert-like and there were lots of little mounds with doors in them that were homes to Muslim families. I was with someone, though I don't remember who. We asked some Muslim boys to borrow a book and they handed us a box that was closed. We took it into a room and the man I was with sat down to open the box while I stood up beside the table. When he opened it, we discovered it was not the book we were looking for; it was instead the Koran. We had been tricked. Suddenly the door opened and lots of Muslims swarmed the room, coming inside and grabbing hold of me and my companion. Someone yelled that a man and woman were not supposed to open the Koran in the same room, especially when the woman isn't wearing the hajib. While the men were holding onto me someone walked up to me holding a whip with the intention of using it to punish me.


jim said...

I actually love to interpret dreams, and am sometimes very good at, depends on the dream of course, some are very clear. But these days I try to stay out of them, not interpret, due to obvious problems of how personal they can be and how much is unknown by any but those closest to the dreamer.

Love to you thought, Sophia, always.

Sophia said...

I have actually been awed before by some people's interpretations of my dreams, yours included.

Even if the interpretation is not on target, it is an interesting experience to see what various symbols in dreams mean to others.

jim said...

Sophia, I can see how it would be quite interesting just from that perspective, more about the one making the interpretation, and that too would indicate prior knowledge, if any, of the dreamer by the interpreter.