Sunday, August 3, 2008

Once There Was a Way to Get Back Home

Mossy taught me how to add a track to an existing audio file, so I recorded my voice along with Siegfried’s. I had a hard time reaching the high notes but I’m going to practice and probably will record another attempt later, but I was excited about showing this to Siegfried so here’s the “blooper” version.

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Take 2:


Alexander M Zoltai said...


The music track was pretty hollow to me but the twinning of your voices was sweet!

Now just add harmony and here comes the Big Time!!!

~ Alex

Sophia said...

The music was hollow because it's a midi file. Most free karaoke files online are just midis, which are like cheap computer-generated song files.

I don't know if I'm brave enough to try harmony! But it's possible. :) I do like a good challenge, and you have just challenged me!

Siegfried said...

You are great fun! In fact I'm giggling all the time while listening to it.
Now I'm quite famous. Thanks to you. I'm having bouts of social anxiety.

Sophia said...


It's all about having fun. :)

Don't cry, darling. I'll sing you a lullabye.